Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Soon Xbox games might not require full downloads to play

Soon Xbox games might not require full downloads to play

Microsoft has been working on a new feature for Xbox One and Xbox One X that stands to save users a ton of storage space. Eurogamer have been privy to internal documents that detail a software system called Intelligent Delivery, which was revealed to game makers at Microsoft's XFest developer event. For example, Japanese language support could be an optional chunk for Western users - an extra on-demand download, or placed on the secondary disc - while that data would obviously be a mandatory part of the Japan SKU.

Xbox One X intelligent delivery allows the developers to format the game in chunks and the user can download the parts of the game that are needed. Instead of having to download all the languages, users will be able to select the language that they use and delete all the others.

It boils down to breaking up game data into different chunks, so that non-essential data can be omitted or downloaded later.

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"But", you give voice your concerns, "aren't games chock-full of 4K assets going to take longer to download?" With this new system, only the required data would be downloaded or pushed to any Xbox system based on the current game requirements.

In addition, the Intelligent Delivery system will prevent Xbox One owners from having to download the 4K assets that will be used by Xbox One X consoles, as those assets will not be supported by the Xbox One.

It'll be fun to see what devs can do with this feature in a year or two's time.

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"We have over 100 games with Xbox One X enhancements". Xbox One X intelligent delivery will notify you that there are 4K textures available for download. Principally, the arrival of Xbox One X with its big 4K texture packs shouldn't make life harder for owners of the older model - many which only have 500GB hard drives. They also got a glimpse of this new system in order to persuade them to adopt it for the upcoming titles.

As games get bigger, Microsoft has cooked up a sly way to keep Xbox One and Xbox One X download times down, not to mention save on hard drive space.

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