Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
Industry | By Dora Warner

Blizzard's Kaplan says more than 480000 Overwatch accounts have faced disciplinary action

Blizzard's Kaplan says more than 480000 Overwatch accounts have faced disciplinary action

Kaplan said the team is pushing to have an in-game notification sent to the reporting player, so it's all in game.

Overwatch has serious issues with toxic players, and in recent months, those problems only seem to have gotten worse.

That's essentially the gist of the new developer update from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan declared "if you are a bad person doing bad things in Overwatch, we don't want you in Overwatch". "It was the same people who work on both, and who got rerouted to work on the other", he continued. You're slowing the development of the game and preventing us good guys from getting cool stuff! I wish we could have put that time into a match history system, or a replay system instead.

"The bad behavior is making the game progress, in terms of development, at a much slower pace".

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The rest of the video is odd.

Kapkan mentions that the Overwatch team have taken 480,000 account actions since the launch of the game in early 2016. What are your thoughts on toxicity in Overwatch?

It's something that happens especially within various gaming communities, where toxic behaviour is often the norm. Clearly the time spent policing the community will continue to have an impact on the development of the game going forward, but Kaplan is keen to stress that solving this problem is only possible with the help of the community and the continued use of the Overwatch reporting tools.

"The community needs to take a deep look inward", he said.

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"Think of all the times someone said something negative to you in the game, and imagine if they said something positive instead". Yes, yes, of course, I don't mean all people - but the relative anonymity afforded by being behind a screen has bred a culture where people feel they have the right to say and do whatever they like online. In light of how much people have been begging for clearer, more effective reporting tools and how little has changed so far, the video comes off as alternatively defensive and not particularly reassuring, given how vague most of it is.

There's a serious misconception that reporting players for bad behavior doesn't actually do anything, according to Kaplan.

Kaplan had also written a forum post, saying that, 'we're looking to completely ban repeated Competitive offenders, meaning, if you've been banned for more than X seasons, we will ban you from ever playing competitive again'. If there is one thing that the internet tends to not react well to is threats.

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