Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
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Apple: Face ID didn't fail at iPhone X launch, our staff did

Apple: Face ID didn't fail at iPhone X launch, our staff did

Apple's developer documentation says Face ID locks out Phone users and prompts them to use a passcode after only two unsuccessful unlocking attempts.

In a letter addressed to Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook, Sen.

Concerns about Apple's new iPhone X violation of user privacy began after the phone was officially detected because the new device has a Face ID feature that allows the user to unlock the phone through facial features.

Despite that, some questions still remain.

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While Cupertino already said during its keynote that Face ID details will be saved on the phone itself, Franken wants to know whether it's now possible for Apple or a third party to access (and then save) that data either remotely or through physical access to one's iPhone.

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Franken is the ranking member of the Senate subcommittee on privacy, technology, and the law.

Apple's Craig Federighi took to the stage on Tuesday, talking about how effortless Face ID should be compared to Touch ID. There's nothing wrong with Face ID.

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Maharaj is a bit more skeptical and said only time will tell as there are more hurdles for the technology here in the U.S.

"Even so, it's fantastic to see Apple choosing face over other biometric mechanisms such as iris or voice, and taking such a robust approach to anti-spoofing". Since these people were not Federighi the authentication failed a number of times, after which the facial recognition system was disabled and a passcode was required to unlock the device.

An image Apple used to illustrate its new Face ID feature.AppleQuestions include whether it's possible for Apple to obtain faceprint data from an iPhone X, how it trained its machine learning algorithms, and whether the Face ID systems may have racial bias. He's asking Apple where it got the one billion face images the company used to train the Face ID algorithm, and he wants assurance that Apple won't use customers' faceprints for any other goal. Both the Apple and iProov systems work by a using "controlled illumination" to create a sequence of reflections which produce information about the 3D shape of the face. They must either know your passcode or, if you have Touch ID enabled, force you to put a fingerprint on the screen. For an instance, the Face ID will continue to work even if you grow a beard or start wearing glasses.

The Cupertino, Calif. -based tech giant has also worked to make its upcoming mobile operating sytem, iOS 11 extraordinarily secure.

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