Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

YouTube Star PewDiePie Says 'No Excuses' For Racial Slur

YouTube Star PewDiePie Says 'No Excuses' For Racial Slur

If you don't get it, I don't know how to tell you how easy it is not to use racist slurs.

I'm not going to make any excuses as to why it did, because there are no excuses for it.

Today, Kjellberg said the N-word slipped out in the heat of the moment, though he was disappointed with himself for saying it. But that doesn't make what I said or how I said it okay. As BuzzFeed explains, Kjellberg only then chose to once-and-for-all distance himself from Nazi memes and jokes, saying, "If for some reasons Nazis think it's great that I'm making these jokes, I don't want to give them that benefit".

Kjellberg's apology comes in the form of a short video, simply titled "My Response".

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Kjellberg went on, "It's not that I think I can say or do whatever I want and get away with it".

Earlier this year, the YouTuber was accused of anti-Semitism.In one of his videos, a man dressed as Jesus said, "Hitler did nothing wrong".

It's unclear what kind of long-term effects, if any, this particular controversy will have on Kjellberg's persona moving forward, and that's probably the way Kjellberg wants it.

It took Pewdiepie a few days to finally hop on YouTube to express an apology for his latest remarks that have the gaming (and YouTube creators) world up in arms. "I love to push boundaries, but I consider myself a rookie comedian". Among others, reviewers call Vanaman a hypocrite and "supporter of anti-Free Speech activism", while also stating that the developer's behaviour is "beyond childish and damages free speech and people's right to make mistakes in the public eye". "It's always been a growing and learning experience for me".

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"And I hate how I now personally fed into that part of gaming as well", he adds.

At the very least, PewDiePie was quick enough to offer a "proper" apology this time around without trying to blame the media.

Kjellberg built his wealth by commenting on video games and other hot topics.

The incident led to Kjellberg losing a deal with YouTube Red to make a show with them, as well as a deal with Disney's Maker Studios - both of whom were desperately thirsting after Kjellberg's astonishingly huge subscriber base (57 million and counting). His videos have been watched over 14 billion times.

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