Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Peru Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Nuclear Program

Peru Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Nuclear Program

The UN sanctions passed against North Korea on Monday bans textile exports and restricts shipments of oil products to Pyongyang.

On September 3, the North Korean Army carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test with a hydrogen bomb, which triggered a strong condemnation of the global community and raised tensions in the region.

In reference to the new sanctions resolution adopted at the United Nations Security Council on Monday, Lee said the "choice is up to North Korea" to turn in the right direction and seek dialogue.

The initial U.S. proposal included an assets freeze on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and a complete ban on countries selling oil to his government, but the measures were softened to appease China and Russian Federation. The new sanctions impose a ban on North Korea's textile exports and caps crude-oil exports to North Korea.

It bars countries from issuing new work permits to North Korean laborers sent overseas and seeks to phase out the practice by asking countries to report on the date for ending existing contracts.

The latest resolution caps North Korea's imports of refined and crude oil at 8.5 million barrels a year, which represents a 30 percent cut, according to Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations.

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The watered-down resolution does not include sanctions the USA wanted on North Korea's national airline and the army, but United States ambassador Nikki Haley told the council after the vote: "These are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea". So soon after that nuclear test, Ambassador Nikki Haley circulated a very tough resolution that called for an oil embargo on North Korea, called on countries to ban the travel and freeze the assets of Kim Jong Un and other top North Korean officials.

In a statement on a possible ramping up of sanctions, North Korea's foreign ministry promised moves that would "cause the USA the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history".

The Security Council vote comes just over a month after United Nations diplomats targeted about $1 billion in North Korean exports.

The sanctions were drafted following the sixth and largest nuclear test carried out by North Korea last week.

Security Council diplomats, who weren't authorized to speak publicly because talks have been private, said the US and China were still negotiating the text late Sunday.

The draft, seen, no longer proposes blacklisting North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Trump, South Korean president talk NKorea
Beijing said on Wednesday it opposed South Korea's deployment of the THAAD system. Mr Johnson said Pyongyang's latest nuclear test was a matter of global concern.

North Korea's embassy in Lima declined comment.

With North Korea's increasingly successful missile testing, and it's nuclear capabilities, the nation has an increasing deterrent capability, which is seen as limiting U.S. options to attack them without starting a disastrous conflict.

However, Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay, reporting from the South Korean capital Seoul, said that "we seem to be stuck in this endless cycle of provocation and condemnation, and there is no sign of either side - the US and South Korea combined or North Korea - backing down from their state positions". The agency estimates North Korea crude imports at about 10,000 barrels a day. quoted her as outlining how the tough new measures would bite North Korea while speaking at a meeting of Coalition MPs in Canberra today.

The remarks came a day after an NBC report that the Trump administration is considering military options against North Korea in the wake of its sixth nuclear test, including redeployment of American tactical nukes in South Korea. The US has rejected proposals from both countries that it stop joint military exercises with South Korea in exchange for a halt to North Korea's nuclear and missile tests.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe argued the resolution was "strong" as the sanctions set out in the resolution were much stronger than earlier measures, as he urged Pyongyang to take "concrete action" toward denuclearisation. That's been a common expectation every time any North Korean holiday is coming.

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