Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Apple Watch Series 3 Features New Workout App, Cellular Compatibility On-The-Go

Apple Watch Series 3 Features New Workout App, Cellular Compatibility On-The-Go

Apple chief executive Tim Cook was speaking at the Apple keynote, where a raft of product news is expected.

The new iPhone will be known as the iPhone 8. In terms of colours, it will be available in gold, silver, space grey, and ceramic grey. The Series 2 came with a dual core processor that was 50% faster than before, a new GPU that can deliver twice the graphics performance, and built-in Global Positioning System. Apple says it'll also feature the highest-quality video capture ever in a smartphone.

Schiller touted the emerging uses for AR, including providing additional information while at a sporting event, helping map out the sky and formations and, most notably, gaming applications.

Check back for more updates. Additionally, the Watch is also the most used heart monitor in the world, and Apple wants to exploit that fact.

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While not a medically certified device, Apple is also launching a heart rate study that'll use the watch's heartrate sensor to detect atrial fibrilation: irregular heartbeats that can be a precursor to stroke.

WatchOS 4 will not only measure your current heart rate, it will also collect data on your resting heart rate and recovery heart rate, said Apple. The new Apple Watch includes activity coaching, an enhanced heart-rate app, and smart notifications about abnormal heart rates and rhythms.

Preorders for the new watch will begin on September 15 before it officially launches on September 22.

It's the latest Apple Watch, and its big new feature is that it adds cellular connectivity, which allows users to send messages and receive phone calls even when an iPhone isn't nearby.

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Built-in LTE connectivity is the headline feature, which enables both calls and the ability to stream music directly from Apple Music.

As far the new iPhones are concerned, Apple is expected to announce the iPhone X along with upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. Apple Watch Series 3 will be available September 22nd, The cellular version will start at $399, with a non-cellular version coming in at $329. It ships out on September 22.

The Apple TV 4K starts at $268 for 32GB or $298 for 64GB, while the previous Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB at $228.

Apple TV 4K is finally here
That seems to be the case of flawless timing, although I am sure some pundits will criticize Apple for being "late". Two years ago, Ultra HD televisions were fairly rare, so Apple was probably smart to focus on 1080p at the time.

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