Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Jordan: Don't Get Rid Of Debt Ceiling

Jordan: Don't Get Rid Of Debt Ceiling

A House Republican said Sunday that he does not think President Trump's agreement with Democratic leadership to raise the debt ceiling was "a good deal". "I don't know of a conservative debt limit strategy that was being offered-do any of you?"

"Well, that's - yes, that's a - 'that's a bad idea I mean, again, you go back to the example of the - your college son has got the credit card".

Switzerland: Two Trains Collide in Andermatt, 30 Persons Injured
The crash occured at a train station in Andermatt, a mountain village and municipality in the canton of Uri. Around 100 passengers were on one of the trains when the two came together at the station.

But appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Friday, Meadows said this isn't true.

Mr. Trump cut a deal with Democrats on Wednesday that provided funding for Tropical Storm Harvey clean-up efforts as well as a three-month extension of the debt ceiling.

Conservative downtown rally moved to Vancouver
Police have arrested a man in Vancouver, WA, after he drove dangerously close to a crowd of protesters marching on Sunday. Vancouver police officials told KOIN 6 News they are prepared to handle whatever crowds may show up.

The Washington Post reports that defrocked White House aide Steve Bannon and Members of the House Freedom Caucus are plotting a coup to depose Paul Ryan as Speaker later this fall. Republicans had originally pushed for an 18-month extension to give them more time to focus on the president's tax-reform legislation.

(Rove) The Freedom Caucus has been saying let's do everything in regular order which I agree with have the committees do their work don't have this stuff sort of drop down from the top but they have been talking in the last couple of days about it coming up with their own tax reform plan but we've had the Ways and Means committee spend the past year and a half under Brady with Freedom Caucus members on the Ways & Means committee working out the plan that's the way it ought to do it.

Powerful winds from Hurricane Irma rip the roof off a Miami house
Irma hit Cuba late Friday as a Category 5 hurricane before it weakened and headed to the United States. Editor's note: This is a developing story that is being constantly updated as the storm progresses.

Mr. MacArthur, New Jersey Republican, is a former co-chairman of the Tuesday Group, a moderate group of Republicans. "He - he wants to say, I want to raise the limit, dad, and I don't want to even - have to even talk to you about it", he told host Chris Wallace".

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