Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
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Jim Carrey goes on freakish existential rant at fashion show

Jim Carrey goes on freakish existential rant at fashion show

Jim Carrey recently gave a freaky existential interview at a New York Fashion Week party in which he declared "there is no me" and "we don't matter".

And while that is exactly what Jim Carrey appeared to be doing in this red-carpet chat with E!

Twirling around reporter Catt Sadler, Carrey started things off by letting her know, "there's no meaning to any of this".

"There's no meaning to any of this".

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"Yeah, no, I don't believe in icons", he says, returning to the conversation. "I don't believe in personalities", he shared.

He went on to say "I believe that peace lies beyond personalities, beyond invention and disguise, beyond the red "S" you wear on your chest, that makes bullets bounce off" before concluding the interview saying "here's the thing - it's not our world. You've gotta admit it's completely meaningless".

Carrey has made similar comments in the past, in other interviews and once during a commencement speech he gave at Iowa's Maharishi University of Management in 2014. "I believe that we're a field of energy dancing for itself, and-uh-I don't care".

But then, it just starts to turn really odd, as Jim turns and says, "There's no meaning to any of this", before trailing off on a tangent.

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Jim Carrey summed up his Fashion Week experience in one word: meaningless.

"I didn't get dressed up", he explained.

But Sadler's incredible reactions clearly show she wasn't ready for it. "News" could manage after that kind of twistedly deep existential rant, "But Jim, you got really dressed up for the occasion, you look good". "There is just things happening and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together". On the latter, he called Jim Carrey a "character", adding, "I don't think of that as me anymore".

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