Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
Industry | By Dora Warner

Facebook to Reduce Video Clickbait From News Feed

Facebook to Reduce Video Clickbait From News Feed

Fake video play buttons can dupe Facebook users into making unintended visits to dubious sites, including those with malicious adware.

Luckily, for you and Cheryl (your desk-partner), Facebook have implemented an update that demotes stories in news feeds that feature fake video play buttons, and static images disguised as videos.

U.S. and Japan agree to boost defenses against North Korea
Plans are being expedited following two tests of what North Korea has claimed is its intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-14.

"People want to see accurate information on Facebook, and so do we". "Spammers often use fake play buttons to trick people into clicking links to low quality websites".

On Thursday, Facebook introduced new updates meant to reduce the number of video clickbait posts that appear on the service.

Japan, US conduct live-fire drill amid tension
The drills involving tens of thousands of US and South Korean troops are due to begin on Monday. We will remain vigilant against the North Korean threats through our military preparedness.

Facebook Inc is testing a feature in the Facebook News Feed that provides customized links to news on topics of interest to individual users, as the company continues to search for ways to increase the amount of time that people spend using the world's largest social media network.

"Publishers that rely on these intentionally deceptive practices should expect the distribution of those clickbait stories to markedly decrease", Facebook engineers Baraa Hamodi, Zahir Bokhari and Yun Zhang, wrote in a blog post. The company already tweaked its algorithm to limit click bait posts back in may this year. The comments now look similar to Messenger chat thread as they are now seen in a bubble instead of being placed between two lines. But we all were seeing this in the news feed.

Skype launches new desktop preview
If you are joining the preview from a previous version of Skype you will probably notice the new chat media gallery right away. Enhanced group calls: You can now drag and drop in group calls and communicate with emojis thanks to new in-call reactions.

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