Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
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Southwest Employee Personally Drives Missing Bag To Cancer Patient's Home

Southwest Employee Personally Drives Missing Bag To Cancer Patient's Home

That's because inside her luggage was medication Hurt took to cope with the side effects of cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2014.

Flying home from Nashville to Pittsburgh on a rerouted Southwest Airlines flight, Stacy Hurt's suitcase was misplaced in transit.

Rowan found the luggage after midnight that night.

The 46-year-old mum, had changed her flight so she could make it back in time for her chemotherapy session and her luggage had remained on the flight she had initially booked. It also had sentimental items like a rosary and a lucky T-shirt that she planned to take to her next appointment. Inside her bags were medications used to help treat nausea associated with her chemotherapy treatments. "So in my head, me getting home a little bit later was less important than her getting the bag she needed for her chemotherapy treatment". When you have cancer and you have chemo, this is the toughest thing ever'.

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As Rowan listened to Hurt, she was reminded of someone dear to her - her father, Frank Rowan, who died six years ago from complications with Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia, which he lived with for two decades. "A lot of what I see in Stacy is what I saw in my dad". "To be without them would feel like a jinx or a step in the wrong direction, and I've come too far and battled too hard to let that happen".

"I said to her, 'When you get married one day, I'm going to be dancing at your wedding, '" Hurt said.

A random act of kindness took an extraordinary turn when a Southwest Airlines employee not only tracked down lost airline luggage for a woman battling cancer but also left an inspiring note inside. She drove the bag to the woman's house after her shift. She searched around her auto and found a crumpled up piece of tissue and wrote Hurt a message and placed it in the bag.

Hurt says Sarah's kindness has restored her faith in humanity.

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"You're going to make me cry again", Rowan said.

Stacy checked them in her bag since they're technically replaceable but didn't consider that she might have to go through treatment without them until her bag was stuck in a different city. "You give new meaning to the words "exceptional customer service", Ms Hurt wrote on Facebook. Sarah couldn't get the bag to the airport any faster, but when it landed at the airport in the middle of the night, she did something incredible. "Who does this type of thing?"

News of Rowan's good deed reached Southwest, which shared the note on its Facebook page last week. Hurt brought a bouquet of flowers and the letter Rowan left with the luggage, WTAE-TV reported.

To Rowan, the feeling is mutual.

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'She was just as sweet as can be, ' Rowan added. I kept saying to my husband, 'Who does this?' This is an example that there are really good people in the world who care and go above and beyond. "She made a huge difference in my life; I can't thank her enough and tell her how much I love her".

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