Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Lake Mead Recreational Area holding solar eclipse viewing party

Lake Mead Recreational Area holding solar eclipse viewing party

Millions of Americans are getting ready to view the next eclipse on August 21, but Dr. Russell Van Gelder from the University of Washington School of Medicine warns blindness is a risk if you don't have proper eye protection. As the moon passes by the sun, the moon completely blocks the sunlight in an area of total eclipse and blocks a portion of the sun's light in areas of partial eclipse.

The AAS and NASA have posted a list of reputable solar filter brands, retail distributors and online dealers.

Amazon recalls solar eclipse glasses
According to optometrist Wes Wheadon looking at the sun without or with improper eyewear can have devastating effects. If you're buying eclipse glasses, you'll also want to be sure they're not cheap knock-offs, Fienberg said.

Amazon recently sent out an email to customers to let them know some of the solar eclipse glasses they have been selling were not confirmed safe for viewing the eclipse.

McDonald's locations in OR are on NASA and the American Astronomical Society's list of certified retailers of eclipse glasses, which allow you to safely watch the solar eclipse on August 21.

North Korea calls offer of talks from the South 'insincere — BBCI
Still, Thornton says China's vote for the sanctions is a good step that shows Beijing understands the gravity of the problem. Security Council. "The member states must implement the resolution themselves even without us putting pressure for it".

- Be aware of harmful solar exposure. The optical device concentrates the sun's light, which can damage the solar viewer and then your eyes. This damage can occur without any sensation of pain because the retina does not have pain receptors.

The National Park Service encouraged visitors to prepare to have a safe viewing opportunity during the eclipse.

3 rebels, 2 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir fighting
Police officials said that the security forces were conducting a search operation when the militants opened fire at them. Top police official told Mirror that the killed terrorists are identified as Irfan Sheikh, Umar Majeed and Adil Malik.

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