Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Guam issues guidelines in case of a nuclear attack

Guam issues guidelines in case of a nuclear attack

It also highlights steps for determining what shelters are "safe" - and for removing radioactive material that may accumulate on people's clothes, skin and hair.

In the escalating verbal war with the United States, North Korea has warned that it plans to fire four missiles over Japan to Guam, home to a USA military base.

The guidance includes taking cover quickly in a concrete structure, preferably underground.

President Donald Trump assured Calvo that Guam is safe during a phone call.

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He said Washington would not "specify a specific number of days or weeks" before deciding North Korea had indeed halted its tests. The part of the two top diplomats' meeting that attracted the most attention was their discussion of the December 28 agreement.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan's chief government spokesman, said earlier this week that Tokyo "can never tolerate" provocations from North Korea and the country's military, will "take necessary measures". Guam officials are disseminating fact sheets to help residents prepare for a possible missile attack from North Korea.

Washington wants to stop Pyongyang from developing nuclear missiles that could hit the United States.

Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense released a two-page fact sheet on social media and its website.

Officials have not raised the United States territory's threat level after Pyongyang said it had laid out plans to strike near the island in the coming weeks.

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President Trump over the past week has intensified his rhetoric against North Korea. Pacific Command showing B-1B Lancer bombers on Guam.

The exchange capped a week of escalating warnings between Washington and Pyongyang.

Guam, an island half the size of Hong Kong and some 7,000 km from the U.S. mainland, is a target because of its naval base and air force base, from which two B-1B supersonic bombers were deployed close to the Korean peninsula on Tuesday.

"Lie flat on the ground and cover your head". But officials in Guam, the tiny island territory that Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack, aren't keeping citizens in the dark.

To prevent radioactive material from spreading, people should remove their outer clothing, seal it in a plastic bag and get as far away as possible, the fact sheet says.

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