Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Usher was in hotel on night woman said he had sex

Usher was in hotel on night woman said he had sex

The woman who is suing Usher, alleging he hooked up with her at a hotel, is telling the claims a woman who says she worked at the hotel. Will the musician have to pay up? Sharpton allegedly came down to the lobby, met Usher then brought him back to her room.

During her statement, Quantasia claimed that the Yeah! singer picked her out of a crowd at a concert, got her phone number, and later showed up at her hotel for sexual relations.

Usher – Quantasia Sharpton
Usher – Quantasia Sharpton

Sharpton tested negative for the herpes, but said she feels "violated" by Usher.

Usher has denied sleeping with the 21-year-old on November 15, 2014. In the picture she is wearing a birthday tiara, an item she claimed to be wearing at the concert as she was celebrating her 19th birthday. That checks out. her birthday is in late October.

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Sharpton, who goes by the name Angel Valentino on social media, may have made people doubt her allegations when she wrote on Facebook, 'I need some money, ' a few days ago. The staff person asked Usher for a picture and he said he'd take one with her after he left the hotel-she waited for an hour but he never returned. She eventually took him to her room.

Sources connected to the woman confirmed that she was staying at the Days Inn on the night of the concert.

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As you may've seen, Miz Sharpton and her attorney, Lisa Bloom, held a press conference after they filed a lawsuit against the hitmaker for failing to disclose his alleged STD during a sexual encounter.

"In California, he's still liable because if he was positive, and if he had sex with her without revealing it, he's still liable for exposing her, which is a violation of her rights."

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