Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Japan Deploys Patriot Batteries to Tokyo to Counter North Korean Missile Threat

Japan Deploys Patriot Batteries to Tokyo to Counter North Korean Missile Threat

Fox News reports that Japan lies only about 620 miles to the east of North Korea, which has conducted numerous missile tests this year.

The escalating threats between the USA and North Korea have thrown the tiny US territory of Guam into the headlines.

Previous to this assessment, the Central Intelligence Agency believed that North Korean warheads did not have this capability.

In a separate statement attached to the article, Postol, an expert in ballistic missile defense, stated that while existing ballistic missile defenses "will never work reliably", there is still time to develop a defense system with available US technology. Missile Defense Agency Director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves told a conference in Huntsville, Alabama, this week he was confident the military could defend the United States from North Korea's missile threat.

And for the a year ago, he said, he's been trying to urge his colleagues to devote more federal attention and spending to missile defense.

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Japan has deployed missile interceptor batteries along the path that North Korean ballistic missiles would travel if Pyongyang follows through on its threat to launch four toward the US Pacific territory of Guam.

At those speeds, a missile trying to chase and hit it from behind would have no chance during this part of the flight, called the "boost phase".

Missile defense is an attractive but tricky strategy in dealing with missile threats.

How could the U.S. and its allies stop North Korea's missiles? "The U.S. came here because I think they wanted the land and they helped us out with the Japanese, because I think they wanted the land".

The THAAD system, of which at least one is permanently based at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, could also take a shot.

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"If one of those options is a pre-emptive war on the Korean Peninsula launched by the USA, that would require authorization from Congress. Article I of the Constitution, in my view, makes this clear", Sullivan said.

"He needs to watch what he says".

Shares of defense companies like Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications and Raytheon have surged to record highs in the wake of remarks President Donald Trump made Tuesday about meeting North Korea with "fire and fury" if the nation were to threaten the United States.

"They've been very focused on trying to bring in the Congress, the Senate", he said, noting a briefing several months ago of the full Senate on the administration's North Korea strategy.

Murkowski said she'd seek to do that through her position on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

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Reports suggest that Kim Jong-un does have some form of nuclear bomb, but there is disagreement over whether the country has managed to make warheads small enough to fit on its missiles. There's also the risk that an attempt to shoot the missile down will fail, and undermine trust in defenses that are created to protect nations from bombardment, but have yet to be tested in full combat.

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