Published: Tue, July 18, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Vice President Pence says Congress need to 'step up' on health care

Vice President Pence says Congress need to 'step up' on health care

Pence said he and Trump were grateful for the efforts of McConnell and the "vast majority of Republicans" in Congress who had worked to keep their promise.

"To the men and women of Christians United for Israel, this president hears you", Pence said at the annual Christians United for Israel conference in Washington.

On the campaign trail, Trump called for the United States to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "I know you believe that, and I thank you for that support".

Vice President Mike Pence promised that "the day will come when President Donald Trump moves the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem", in a speech he made to Christians United for Israel Monday evening.

'The State of Israel and her people bear witness to God's faithfulness as well as their own. How unlikely was Israel's birth?

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The group, founded by San Antonio pastor John Hagee, bills itself as the largest pro-Israel organization in the U.S. It is composed largely of evangelicals and met in Washington this week in part to celebrate a new administration its members consider far friendlier toward Israel than its predecessor.

Pence affirmed that Trump sees Israel's security as a top priority.

"We're not going to stop fighting until we get it done", said the vice president.

Pence reiterated that feeling many times throughout his almost 30-minute speech, saying what an unbelievable honor it was to serve as vice president under a leader who was so committed to defending faith, restoring freedom and especially strengthening America's unbreakable bond with the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Jerusalem is holy to Christians, Muslims and Jews and is claimed as a capital by Israel but also the Palestinians, for the future state they aim to build on disputed land now controlled by Israel.

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Pence's remarks before CUFI come over a month after Trump signed a waiver delaying the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem, echoing the practices of past recent presidents. "Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also signed the waiver", reported Politico.

The status of Jerusalem is a flashpoint issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But regarding moving the embassy, the one decision in which some in the audience were most disappointed, Pence said that this too would change, it is only a matter of time.

"America has no better friend than Israel and Israel has no better friend than America", Netanyahu said. 'To present this as a new day? No.

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