Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

HTC U 11 Gets Amazon Alexa App

HTC U 11 Gets Amazon Alexa App

The HTC U11 is the first device to support hands-free usage of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also can't do everything that that Google's bot can do, and numerous things it can do are already well handled by the Google Assistant.

So, Alexa on phones is now not up to the mark and is nowhere close to Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

As of now, Amazon sells the HTC U11 smartphone with the new support for Amazon Alexa.

If you've been wanting to have Alexa with you at all times, just a voice command away, the U11 is the best way to get that experience right now. You'll be "squeezing" your phone in new ways starting today so being on-the-go is way easier and more convenient now. But Amazon's Alexa has mostly been limited to specific sections of software like the Amazon Underground app or half-baked integrations that required you to tap an icon before speaking your desires.

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Amazon's Alexa is a new venture and hence there is no much skills to be done like Google's personal assistant.

The company is also said to be working to improve voice input with new and better microphone technologies, although it is not clear exactly how Amazon is going to do it as of yet. The Echo has become a hit with consumers and spawned a host of imitators, with virtually every major tech company developing its own.

Nothing about Alexa on the phone takes advantage of the fact that it's on the phone.

However, Amazon pushed back on this explanation too, insisting that the Echo can only call other Alexa devices that have enabled calling and have been added to a user's contact list.

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Right now there are just a few limitations with Alexa on your phone compared to an Echo speaker.

Saying Alexa will open the assistant, but it's clumsy: The big differentiator for HTC's Alexa is its ability to hear you say "Alexa" and wake up, ready to lend a hand.

Amazon say that the smart assistant requires a "wake word" to make calls.

Without Spacial Perception, HTC Alexa gets in the way when you try to use your @home Echo. As it is all about the customer's choice, HTC has provided the U11 with the following three assistants which are HTC sense Companion, Amazon Alexa, and Google Alexa. You can ask Alexa a question, such as 'Alexa, what's the weather today?' and Alexa will respond once your phone is unlocked.

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