Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Ohio's Senators Still Not On Board With Republican Health Care Plan

Ohio's Senators Still Not On Board With Republican Health Care Plan

America's poorest families would lose thousands of dollars in health benefits so that millionaires could get huge tax cuts under the Senate Republicans' health bill, according to an independent analysis released Tuesday. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.): The bill's deepest Medicaid cuts are far into the future, and they'll never go into effect anyway.

For those buying private insurance, in addition to ending federal Obamacare subsidies, by incorporating more deregulation from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz may not be part of the CBO score, since it was added later in the process.

McConnell's new bill still ends Obamacare's provisions that stopped insurers from rejecting people with pre-existing conditions, which is nearly everybody over age 50. But moderates have anxious the bill will cause people with serious illnesses to lose coverage, while some conservatives say it does not go far enough. "That may lead some employers to consider whether or not they want to continue to offer health insurance". "There is an even bigger endorsement of higher deductibles with new catastrophic plan provision". Time and again, House Republicans pulled a legislative face plant and relied on McConnell to clean up their mess.

In other words - the Cruz amendment not only won't solve the existing problems with the BCRA, it will create new ones.

Indiana's Young, whose state has seen almost 400,000 people gain coverage through Medicaid expansion, didn't take a stance on the initial bill and remained uncommitted on the revised version.

On Friday, Meadows had to temper his optimism about the bill's chances in the House - because he knows that McConnell still hasn't locked down its passage in the Senate. That's being portrayed in some mainstream media accounts as an improvement and something less than an outright giveaway, which is ludicrous.

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Two of the 52 Republican senators have already said they will oppose the legislation.

While the Trump administration is bogged down by an enlarging Russian Federation scandal, Republican senators are still trying to get enough votes to take away health care from millions upon millions of Americans.

Also increased is money that would flow to some hospitals in states that chose not to expand Medicaid, which are largely run by Republicans.

The proposal replaces an earlier one that deeply divided Trump's fellow Republicans, who control the Senate, drawing opposition from both moderates and hard-line conservatives.

Americans aged 50-64 who buy their health care insurance need to be very cautious in considering the Senate's proposed new health-care legislation as it is written now. The drawback is that state officials could eventually face no-win choices, such as having to pick between paying for coverage for low-wage working mothers and support services for elderly people trying to stay out of nursing homes.

Insurer groups, including the national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, have derided these "skinny plans", saying they would raise insurance premiums, destabilize the individual insurance market and undermine protections for pre-existing medical conditions. In this context, it is important that policymakers avoid policies that threaten to further increase uncertainty or threaten stability.

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Non-ACA-compliant policies are not included in the ACA's risk adjustment program (42 U.S.C. §18063). "The UK can do it, Canada can do it, France can do it, Scandinavia can do it", he said.

LGBTQ Americans deal with higher rates of poverty, greater need for Medicaid, and higher rates of HIV infection than the general population. How that will happen, when the GOP wrote this bill in secret and ducked meetings with their constituents is anybody's guess.

Read the entire Better Care Reconciliation Act here.

During the eight-year jihad against the Affordable Care Act, of course, the GOP pretended otherwise: denouncing Obamacare for failing to cover everyone, attacking the high out-of-pocket expenses associated with many of its policies, and so on. Either way, he said, conservatives will not object if House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., takes the Senate bill and places it on the House floor in a take-it-or-leave-it moment.

When Louisiana finally opened Medicaid to more people, there were newspaper reports of patients crying with relief. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate's Trumpcare bill will kick 22 million people - 15 million by next year - off health insurance.

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