Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
USA | By Kelli Rowe

Boston visitors hurt in New Orleans attack; 1 hospitalized

Boston visitors hurt in New Orleans attack; 1 hospitalized

Police in New Orleans announced Monday they had arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with the assault and robbery of two MA men over the weekend.

The tourists, identified as James Curran and Tim Byrne of Boston, were leisurely walking through the French Quarter on their way back to their hotel just before 9pm, when they were jumped from behind and then robbed by four men.

One victim appears to be slammed face-first into a brick walkway while the other is punched and pushed to the ground. Curran, out of the hospital, was left with a broken nose and stitches in his face, according to a relative.

GOP lawmakers to take seats after special election wins
Democrats, she said , have to "fight for our lives and the lives of many people" in the US this week to defeat the Senate bill. Handel's opponent, first-time candidate Jon Ossoff , raised $23 million for the race and narrowly led in most polls.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said Monday morning that the suspects are now wanted on second-degree robbery charges because of the severity of the injuries.

Byrne appears to be knocked out cold and falls face first onto the pavement. Half a minute later, two passersby walk over and attempt to help Curran and Byrne, presumably calling police. The other remained motionless and bleeding as passers-by arrived on the scene.

The tourists were in town for the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, an annual meeting of the religious group, the TV station reported. The assailant continues to punch Curran as he struggles to drag Curran to the ground.

Oscar Mayer expands WienerFleet - adding WienerDrone and WienerCycle
The WienerDrone is the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft for remote locations within one mile, the news release said. Its side auto even includes a hot dog warming station.

Police say Brister and his unidentified 44-year-old brother were talking when he began firing several shots from a handgun before his brother drove off. Police say Brister chased the victim but lost him. Nicholas Gernon. "They didn't see it coming and they did not fight back".

"We don't think this is a greater pattern of incidents that are occurring in the French Quarter", Gernon said, "but this is a pretty bad attack".

U.S. slaps dumping duties on Canadian lumber, excludes some provinces
West Fraser now has a combined duty of 30.88 per cent, Canfor 27.98 per cent, Tolko 27.03 per cent and Resolute 17.41 per cent. Lumber Coalition, which called for the investigation, agreed with the decision to take additional action against Canada.

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