Published: Mon, June 26, 2017
USA | By Kelli Rowe

Ron Johnson on GOP health care bill: 'Not a 'yes' yet'

Ron Johnson on GOP health care bill: 'Not a 'yes' yet'

Toomey, a member of the Senate Republican working group that wrote the bill, said that government spending on Medicaid will continue to grow every year and will "never" be cut.

"People of Wisconsin don't know what's in it, people of Vermont don't know what's in it". They are willing to let poor people die so rich people pay less taxes.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.).

.). "So, we have 142 pages to go through", she said.

The former president's description of the bill's fundamental meanness did indeed echo words used by Trump to describe the House bill, which passed in May after an earlier vote on the healthcare bill was cancelled due to a lack of support from within the GOP. "I don't think we're that far off", Trump told Pete Hegseth of Fox and Friends. "Although the bill preserves most of the consumer protections written into the 2010 law, it also contains a provision that allows states effectively to waive many of them, and gives them a financial incentive to do so".

Sen. Susan Collins of ME says she thinks getting the votes needed in the Senate this week to pass a Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act could be very hard.

"We have ideas. You have ideas", said Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat.

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That's not sitting well with GOP Sen.

Kansas' other senator, Republican Pat Roberts, has said he supports the bill and the Medicaid changes will not harm vulnerable populations. "That was my term, because I want to see - and I speak from the heart - that's what I want to see".

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said his party "promised too much" on a bill that is not expected to bring down premiums as promised.

The Louisiana lawmaker said he could not back the bill unless his concerns about it are addressed.

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). American Nurses Association President Pamela Cipriano holds up a list of essential health benefits as she discusses the effects of the proposed Republican healthcare legislation on families at a news conference.

White House aides say Trump intends to be involved in talks with the four senators.

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"How frustrating is it to have former president Obama out there leading in the resistance?" "Can't promise. I think we're going to get there".

"We have not designed a system to get people work".

Under special rules McConnell is using that will block Democrats from using a filibuster to kill the bill, the legislation can not include provisions that make policy changes that don't primarily affect the budget.

Those costs would come from the federal government shifting Medicaid costs to states, withholding payments for uncompensated care at hospitals and imposing new caps on per capita reimbursement rates for health care, the AHCCCS report said.

After a draft of the bill was released to the public, the Center for American Progress came out with its estimations: the additional number of deaths that would occur in 2026 due to the bill's passage would be between 18,000 and 27,000.

The CBO said that 23 million people would lose their insurance over the coming decade under a different version of the healthcare changes that House of Representatives narrowly approved last month. How would it work under this Senate bill?

Senator Rand Paul says would consider partial repeal of Obamacare
Ron Johnson , an ardent Obamacare critic, who said he finds it hard to see how he can vote yes on the bill by this week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released his health care bill to a mix of indecision and opposition.

"The bill is just devastating and that's what's making it so hard for them to pass it", Schumer said, adding that Democrats were "doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for the middle class". It would erase taxes on higher earners and the medical industry that helped Obama's law expand coverage by roughly 20 million Americans.

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