Published: Fri, June 23, 2017
USA | By Kelli Rowe

Rep. Moulton calls for new Democratic leadership

With the support of a notoriously republican district and of President Trump, Handel was able to defeat Ossoff by over 12-thousand votes. The work is hard, but the Republicans are making a mess of the country.

The young Democrat received 8.9 times as many many donors from California than from any other state in the union, including all of the totals from Georgia itself.

After losing the most expensive congressional race in history in Georgia Tuesday, and a notching a close-but-no-cigar finish in a lower profile contest in South Carolina, Democrats are getting a lot of advice about what they need to do to have a chance of victory in 2018.

Pelosi said the Democratic base is energised, adding, "We must now put forth our message".

Senator Chris Murphy of CT told MSNBC that Democrats needed to focus on economic growth and "get back to being a big tent party".

Marca: Donnarumma has Madrid deal
He also led Monaco to its first Ligue 1 title since 2000, ending Paris Saint Germain four-years run. But Los Blancos president Perez claims bitter rivals Real nearly beat the Catalans to the punch.

Meanwhile, the knives seem to be out for Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who was demonised by the GOP side in the Georgia race. As Dave Weigel wrote in the Washington Post, "The ad strategy, and the campaign visit from Republicans such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, have had nearly nothing to say about what Republicans were working on in Washington. It's time for a new generation of leadership".

Democrats threw tens of millions at Jon Ossoff, their 30-year-old newbie candidate, documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide who lives outside of Georgia's Sixth Congressional District.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Pelosi said Democrats are proud of the race they ran and she dispelled a question about stepping down.

Especially in a constituency like Georgia, which has been in Republican hands since 1979.

But it was demoralizing for Democrats, who also lost a special election in neighboring SC.

Republicans in US Senate unveil health care bill to replace Obamacare
At least three Republican senators are set to oppose the Senate's "Bettercare" bill, according to NBC's Chuck Todd . The existing law was created to cover patients below 100 percent of the poverty threshold with Medicaid .

Since the special election in April, President Trump has been campaigning for Handel through various outlets including his twitter account.

Lawmakers also are bemoaning a weak Democratic bench of candidates nationally, and demanding a better strategy for success and a new and stronger economic message that differentiates them more clearly from the Republicans.

He notes that "Democrats only need to flip 24 Republican seats" to take control of the House.

One group supporting Handel drew fire after airing an ad claiming Ossoff supporters celebrated last week's violence against House Republicans.

Democrats have a target-rich environment next year, starting with 23 Republican-held districts where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won a majority of the vote.

Analysts See $0.39 EPS for Charles Schwab Corp (SCHW)
Year to date is -0.75%, -15.67% over the last quarter, 0.15% for the past six months and 11.37% over the last 12 months. This is according to the analysts polled by Thomson Reuters which have recently published research reports on the firm.

Spending on the race reached at least $57 million, almost twice the previous record, according to the Center for Responsive Politics watchdog group.

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