Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Sport | By Wendy Sparks

Moscow's zoo shows off baby Asian elephant to public

Moscow's zoo shows off baby Asian elephant to public

If ever there was an ultimate team work, this is surely it! In the video, you can see the two adult elephants and a calf coming to drink water from the swimming pool of the zoo.

Another elephant blocked off by a fence can be seen running around in clear distress, but it looked as though it may well be a tragic end to the young calf's life. However, effective help came in only when a second elephant arrived on the scene to ensure a successful rescue.

Iran fires rockets in 'revenge' at Islamic State in Syria
Bahram Qasemi, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said the Syrian government was notified of the attack before it was carried out. Yaari also told The Times of Israel that his sources were "amazed" at the poor performance of the Iranian missiles.

Another adult elephant runs to the area and walks into the swimming pool with the other adult elephant in an attempt to rescue the panicked calf.

With a little bit of teamwork, the elephants pushed the baby out of the water until it was safe.

Tropical Storm Bret forms, gulf potential
The National Hurricane Center in Florida warned there was a high chance it could develop into a tropical cyclone within 48 hours. This is a classic rainmaker tropical system, with a large area of rain surrounding a poorly organized low pressure center.

The pair of adults seemed to communicate and decided they were able to help the calf if they entered the shallow end. Zoo officials announced Monday that they are expecting a new elephant calf to be born this summer. The video was posted online on Friday and witnessed more than 459,000 views. Once at the edge, the adult elephants hold up the calf by their trunks.

USA student freed by North Korea has died at 22
Pyongyang has also vowed to develop a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the USA mainland. Justin Weber told The Associated Press on Tuesday morning that a press conference is expected later to provide details.

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