Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Several dead in attack near London mosque

Several dead in attack near London mosque

One person died and ten people were taken to hospital after a van drove into worshippers leaving Finsbury Park Mosque. London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the attack as an assault on "innocent Londoners, many of whom were finishing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan"-and on "all our shared values of tolerance, freedom, and respect", the Guardian reports".

He said: "When I drove past slowly I could count three people on the floor and police were performing CPR on one of them".

The driver of the van, 48, has been arrested and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Prime Minister May said her thoughts were with those injured in "this bad incident".

A leader of the Muslim Council of Britain called for extra security at mosques in light of the apparent attack.

There were officers on the scene with emergency responders, treating a number of injured people, according to the Metropolitan Police.

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"From the window, I started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching, a lot of chaos outside".

Another witness, who wanted to be identified as Abdulrahman, which is not his real name, told the Press Association: "I managed to get the driver of the van".

The attacker struck as the area was busy with worshippers attending Ramadan night prayers at Finsbury Park mosque.

It also comes at a time of political turmoil, as Prime Minister May plunges into divorce talks with the European Union weakened by the loss of her parliamentary majority in a June 8 election.

Around a dozen have been injured in what mosque chairman Mohammed Kozbar described as a "terrorist attack", the report said.

"This is being treated as a terrorist attack".

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Secretary general Harun Khan said: "During the night, ordinary British citizens were set upon while they were going about their lives, completing their night worship". A van left the roadway and swerved into a large crowd standing on the sidewalk, witnesses reported.

Police said the driver was arrested and the crash was being investigated as suspected terrorism.

The attack will stretch the capacity of authorities in Britain, who have faced four attacks in recent months, together with a major fire that has killed dozens. In March, a lone attacker drove his auto into people on Westminster Bridge, then fatally stabbed a police officer outside Parliament.

The Met confirmed that two people sustained minor injuries in the attack and were treated at the scene close to the Arsenal Football Club's Emirates Stadium.

On 22 May, a suicide bomber killed 22 people at a concert by American pop singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in northern England.

She was also criticised for keeping her distance from angry residents during her visit to the charred remains of the 24-storey Grenfell Tower.

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