Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Trump to announce new Cuba policy on Friday

Trump is expected to roll back several aspects of Barack Obama's opening towards Cuba.

President Trump sought advice from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress who who were deemed experts on Cuba policy, including Florida Sen. Fin formerly worked as the Miami Bureau Producer for Fox News Channel where he covered Florida Politics & Latin America.

Restricting travel to Cuba will likely impact earnings for the USA airlines and cruise ship companies that began service to Cuba in 2016 and go against a rising anti-travel sanctions sentiment.

Further changes, the administration said, "will depend entirely on the Cuban government's willingness to expand the Cuban people's political freedom, respect their universal rights, and allow freedom of press as well as free and fair democratic elections".

Rubio said Thursday that Trump's announcement will mark "a good day for the Cuban people, a better deal for the Cuban people, which is who we're trying to help here, by empowering them and doing so in a way that does not empower their oppressors". "They are rejected officially today - rejected".

The moves to be announced by Trump are only a partial reversal of Obama's policies, however. "But we'll make sure those profits will not benefit the Cuban military", said a senior official.

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Even with carve outs, the new policy could pose problems for some USA businesses, including hoteliers and airlines who have put on regular flights between the U.S. and the Cuban capital.

Obama also gave illegal immigrants from Cuba a path to legal status and opened travel to the island nation. Remittances to Cuba won't be cut off.

"This is one way to ensure that individuals who travel to Cuba are participating in their itinerary and not just sitting on the beach", an official said.

He will also leave in place some other changes including the resumption of direct US-Cuba commercial flights.

Trump's revised Cuba rules aren't all that drastic.

"You'll be very happy", Trump said in September.

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While on the campaign trail, candidate Donald Trump criticized President Obama's Cuba policy. The new president's action is broadly opposed by American business groups.

Friday, President Trump is headed to Miami to announce his decision on a new U.S. -Cuba policy.

In Cuba, Granma, the official organ of the nation's Communist Party, covered Friday's speech in a real-time blog, saying "Trump's declarations are a return to imperialist rhetoric and unilateral demands, sending relations between Havana and Washington back into the freezer".

The directive means that Americans can no longer travel to Cuba from the US.

Trump has been a longtime critic of the Obama administration's dealings with the Castro regime.

Additionally, Trump's new prohibition on financial transactions with entities tied to Cuba's military could effectively curtail some travel to Cuba as well as business there, because the military controls a large portion of the economy.

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Restoring ties led to spectacular photo opportunities, such as the reopening of the respective embassies in Havana and Washington, but to few concrete advances.

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