Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
Industry | By Dora Warner

Nintendo Will Support 3DS 'Into 2018 and Beyond'

Despite its popularity, the Pokemon games were always released on portable devices. Sadly, the only detail provided by Ishihara is that the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch is that "may not release for more than a year". Nintendo has still not confirmed when, or if, their digital retro games service will make the transition to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is so popular it's beating the pace of Nintendo Wii sales, and the Wii was one of the most popular consoles ever created. The new "Core" game being similar to the games released on the 3DS, Ultra Sun and Moon for example, would be understandable since we now know for sure that the 3DS and Switch can communicate with each other, making trading and other tasks possible.

So the online service might have been ready to launch significantly earlier than 2018, but along the way, Nintendo kept finding new things that it wanted to build into the service, from voice chat to Netflix to the Virtual Console. For players and developers, it is probably desirable to give those games a second shot at the success they deserve, by rescuing them from the Wii U's dismal install base, and putting them on the active and surging Switch instead. Among them are "Spider-Man", an open-world game about the nerdy wall-crawler, and "God of War", where you play as the kind of guy who would fit right in as a Spider-Man villain.

As most fans already know, the Nintendo Switch's online service was supposed to arrive later this fall.

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We didn't have a No. 1 (overall) draft pick", Green said , his words clearly directed toward James . They completed the greatest playoff run to a championship in the 71 years of the NBA Finals .

The Wii U was a ideal example of confusing messaging by Nintendo, tons of people thought the console was just an accessory to the original Wii instead of being a fully-fledged successor to the acclaimed system.

According to Kotaku, speaking at E3 2017, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime attempted to address some of the biggest concerns with the Switch. "Whether it's been Pokemon Go, or our NES classic that we launched last holiday season, and now Nintendo Switch".

"There's over 66 million of these devices out in the hands of consumers", said Fils-Aime, holding up a 3DS.

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And we have to say, Super Mario Odyssey looks brilliant, as do many other of the company's offerings.

"We think the strategy ought to be about every month you see a major tentpole from Nintendo".

The city (which served as the inspiration for the design of Nintendo's booth) was one of the two areas I was able to explore during my brief time with the game. E3 came and went, and still no virtual console.

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The Japanese gaming giant also revealed that a Pokemon game for the Switch is now in development.

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