Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
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Warriors, Cavaliers working on fourth finals in a row

Warriors, Cavaliers working on fourth finals in a row

Kevin Durant can finally call himself an National Basketball Association champion (and Finals MVP!), but did he and the Golden State Warriors purposely lose Game 4 so that they could win on home court? Trump as of yet has not invited the Warriors to the White House, but it's hard to imagine they'd accept an invitation if one did come their way.

Great teams are defined by an extra-pass mentality and a complete absence of ego. We compile lists that rank elite players lower because they happen to be ringless.

"I couldn't sleep for two days", Durant said. "There's not much clashing with player types, and that's rare to see". Which, if we are honest, is one of the most overrated stats. We also have a guy who can get 60 but would need dribbles. They'll stay in their comfort zone. For every dollar the team is over the salary cap, they have to pay that same amount to the league.

Green recalled the only real glitch in the Warriors' season, the Christmas Day loss in Cleveland, as a turning point. Like the song that inspired holding up a lighter in the air once said, "don't know what you got till it's gone", and we may not know what we have in James until he is gone from the game. "When you didn't eat, you made sure we ate and [you] went to sleep hungry". Is it going to be Steph, K.D., Klay? As late as 2014, you couldn't have predicted they would be this good.

Leo Varadkar elected Irish prime minister
Mr Kenny made his final speech to the Dáil on Tuesday, stating that he had always strived to get the best for the Irish people. Global reaction to the election of Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach has largely focused on his sexuality.

Through all of that admirable teamwork in Game 5, some individual moments stood out. Golden State's golden boy was all smiles to see his hometown team in the Super Bowl, but his charismatic grin faded by the end of ... Some teams wouldn't embrace a guy who came into a situation like ours.

Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston: These two are the players most affected by Durant's decision because Golden State will have full Bird rights should they not have to renounce the duo to get under the salary cap. David West left an indelible image in the minds of teammates and fans, charging forward and ready to fight Tristan Thompson during a nasty scrum a bit before halftime.

In terms of the timing, it's worth remembering that any prospective Warriors visit wouldn't happen for quite some time even if the players had a change of heart.

The Warriors became the first Bay Area team to capture a championship at home since the A's finished the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 of the 1974 World Series.

US House passes bill to roll-back financial regulations
They could try to pass a regulatory relief bill through reconciliation, which only requires a 50-vote majority to pass the Senate. This crucial provision provides banks a reasonable and fundamental trade-off: more capital, less intrusive regulation.

"Right now, the only answer seems to be 'not a damned thing.' Because that's the only answer that makes sense".

"Congrats, your defense was really good, ' which was random", Durant told The Ringer's Bill Simmons when asked what Obama said. "I'm just so happy to be a part of it. He really is like that, and it's wonderful to see a superstar who doesn't care about nothing but the group".

"We're going to do what our leader (Curry) does", Iguodala said.

LeBron James, whose 41 points and triple-double average through the series could not hold off the Golden State Warriors' multiple offensive juggernauts, was there to greet Durant with a hand slap, a hug and a pat on the head. He let Kevin Durant know about it Monday night. "Because they're built for. from my eyes, they're built to last a few years". A minuscule margin for error going into the series shrunk even more and any chance of another triumph would require near-perfection against the league's best.

Stephen Curry's 2nd NBA championship puts him in rare company
With last night's win, Durant finally won the National Basketball Association championship that eluded him for almost a decade. LeBron James has now lost five Finals in eight appearances - only the fourth player to come up short in five NBA Finals .

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