Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
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Virginia shooting: Gunman James Hodgkinson posted anti-Trump content on Facebook

Virginia shooting: Gunman James Hodgkinson posted anti-Trump content on Facebook

Officials said Hodgkinson has been identified as the man who opened fire on Republican lawm.

Among the most frequent topics Hodgkinson wrote about were income inequality and money in politics. There is only one person to blame for the actions of James Hodgkinson, and his name is not Bernie Sanders. His political agenda is wholly small-d democratic: jacking up voter turnout so as to elect a new crop of populist figures who will then pass social-democratic policy. At the time, police recovered a pocket knife, hair they say was pulled out of the woman's head and a 12-gauge shotgun at the scene.

A rifle-wielding critic of President Donald Trump opened fire on Wednesday on U.S. lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game, seriously wounding a top Republican congressman and injuring four others before he was killed by police.

Authorities believe the 66-year-old had been living out of a van in northern Virginia since March after leaving his southern IL home.

The "assailant" who opened fire during Wednesday morning's GOP congressional baseball practice has died from his injuries, President Donald Trump announced during an address to the nation.

In one of the letters, Hodgkinson described former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and their associates as traitors and accuses them of "war profiteering". "I also want to thank the Capitol Police for their heroic actions to prevent further harm", Sanders said.

"He was just very calm".

Stephen Brennwald, another YMCA member, said he never saw Hodgkinson talk to anyone and figured the man was a "loner".

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Brennwald thought it was odd that Hodgkinson was never exercising or wearing workout clothes.

Slater, who runs the FBI's Washington field office, said he was "not aware" of whether that encounter was related to the shooting.

The gunman had a rifle and "a lot of ammo", said Sen. While the top lawmakers, including Scalise, have security details, others do not and they regularly appear in public without protection.

The gunman, identified by law officials as James Hodgkinson, died after the shootout. A former congressional aide was hospitalized.

The Washington Post reported that authorities in Belleville were called in March to investigate a report of someone firing shots "in the pine trees" near Hodgkinson's home.

"He was this union tradesman, pretty stocky, and we stayed up talking politics", he said.

Hean said Wednesday that he was shaken by the news of the shooting. He always drank Budweiser from a can and drank alone, barely speaking to anyone, including the bartenders.

He underwent emergency surgery in a Washington hospital and is in a critical condition.

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"I know he wasn't happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff", his brother, Michael Hodgkinson, told The New York Times. Hodgkinson, a home inspector whose license lapsed in November, had long posted on social media about hating Republicans, but he had only a minor arrest record that did not indicate a violent disposition. Bernie Sanders and criticized Hillary Clinton and Trump.

Hodgkinson volunteered for the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and frequently made provocative comments on his posts. Court records also show he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in 2006. The charges were dismissed, the records show.

Though no other legal problems are listed in St. Clair County, which includes Belleville, since 2011, Hodgkinson did come to the attention of local law enforcement as recently as last spring.

That's when Bill Schaumleffel recalled hearing shots being fired outside his house, which stands about 500 feet behind Hodgkinson's home. They shot the shooter.

When Hodgkinson refused to stop, Schaumleffel called the sheriff's department.

For a time, Hodgkinson worked as an independent subcontractor doing lead paint removal for the St. Clair County's housing rehabilitation and weatherization program, according to county board chairman Mark Kern.

The deputy cautioned Hodgkinson about shooting around homes, given that the rounds can travel up to a mile.

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