Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Republicans want to know why Comey didn't write memo about Lynch

Fox News made a huge deal of the Lynch-Clinton meeting.

That was potato, this is potahto.

During his testimony, Thursday before the Senate intelligence committee, former FBI Director James Comey revealed that Lynch directed him to downplay the scandal involving Clinton's private server by referring to it as a "matter", not an "investigation".

Instead, the senator flummoxed Mr Comey with a question about why "the investigation of anything former secretary Clinton had to do with the campaign is over and we don't have to worry about it any more?".

McCain said he wanted to point out that Comey commented on whether charges should be brought against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election but did not say in today's testimony whether Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice - even though Comey said in his opening remarks that he would not comment on that.

Shakib, Mahmudullah knock Kiwis out of Champions Trophy
Friday's remarkable victory against New Zealand at the same venue has given them a fresh lease of life in the Champions Trophy . In order to keep their hopes alive of making it to the playoffs, both sides will now face a do-or-die situation.

He said what "capped" his decision to make his now-famous statement about the results of an investigation involving Clinton was a publicly reported meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.

She even added that she wants to determine whether U.S. President Donald Trump asked Coats or Rogers to take any action on the Russian Federation investigation.

"We investigated very thoroughly", Comey said. "I don't quite understand how you could be done with that but not done with the whole investigation to affect the outcome of our election".

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Comey told the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that the Trump administration had lied and defamed him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the President dismissed him on May 9. That public announcement - in which he criticized Clinton and made extensive comments about the evidence - set in motion a chain of other Federal Bureau of Investigation moves that Democrats now say helped Trump win the presidential election.

AFP verifying Indonesian info about 1200 IS militants in PH
Authorities lifted the civilian death toll from 20 to 38 on Sunday - but said all those deaths were caused by the separatist fighters.

"I think it's hard to reconcile, in one case you reach a complete conclusion, and on the other side you have not", McCain said. The president told him, "I hope you can let this go, ' and he took it as more than a mere suggestion".

"That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we're to close this case credibly", Comey said.

Comey, who was sacked while leading the probe into Russia's interference in the election, said Trump asked him to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and implied Trump may have become the subject of investigation himself for interfering in the FBI's work.

McCain later released a statement, joking that "maybe going forward I shouldn't stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games". He added that he still believed his question was important, and he plans "to submit it in writing to Comey for the record".

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