Published: Sun, June 11, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Polanski's victim pleads to end case: 'He owes me nothing'

For the first time in 40 years, Roman Polanski's victim stood before a judge Friday and asked him to drop the sexual offense case against the famed film director.

Geimer was 13 years old when Polanski plied her with champagne and part of a sedative pill and had sex with her during a photoshoot he said he was doing for French Vogue.

Geimer, who has said in the past that she has forgiven Polanski, is attending the hearing in a bid to help the filmmaker end the case against him.

Samantha addressed the court, telling judge Scott Gordon that she and her family have been serving a 40-year sentence, waiting for the case against Roman Polanski to finally be put to rest. The original judge in the case asked if she was part of a mother-daughter prostitution team, the former district attorney suggested she had been paid off and others said she was a lying gold digger and a drug-dealing Lolita who trapped Polanski.

"I want to do TV", she said.

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Polanski and his lawyers argue he's the victim of judicial misconduct.

In downplaying the crime and saying she empathized with Polanski because of insults he's endured, Geimer took a position at odds with some sexual assault victims. "Some people can't get over things, but if you can, you should try the best you can and don't let anyone tell you how to feel", Geimer said.

Geimer described the ordeal she faced from the moment the charges went public, when Polanski was the acclaimed director of "Chinatown" and "Rosemary's Baby" whose wife and unborn child had been murdered by the Manson family.

Geimer publicly identified herself with the case several years ago and published a tell-all memoir. "Don't let people tell you can't recover".

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office, which has fought to have Polanski face justice in the USA, said it would ask the court to deny Mr Braun's request and any others "in the absence of new facts or a change of circumstance". At a news conference after the court hearing Friday, she said she was offended when she read his 1984 autobiography, in which he described their encounter as consensual.

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If a judge were to drop the warrant for Polanski, 83, it would end a almost four-decade effort by authorities to have the director extradited. The judge is just playing games with him, " Braun added. First, Samantha suggested sentencing Polanski in absentia, giving him a sentence of time served.

Gordon said he would issue a written ruling on the motion.

"Now everyone calls him a paedophile and says bad things about him that aren't true". When the judge backed out of a sentencing deal that he and the lawyers had agreed upon, the director fled the country and has not since returned.

She said Friday that the settlement did not influence her decision to speak on Polanski's behalf and was offended by the notion she "was bought and paid for". Thanks to a deal with the prosecution, he spent six weeks in custody and was released.

Mr Braun claims the case is no more than a "political circus" and that Polanski has already served his time by spending more than 300 days in jail and house arrest in Switzerland during a failed extradition attempt seven years ago.

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