Published: Sat, June 10, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Trump's relationship with Merkel 'fairly unbelievable,' Spicer says

Trump's relationship with Merkel 'fairly unbelievable,' Spicer says

Germany wants to develop its ties with India and this should not be at the cost of its trans-Atlantic relationship, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday after meeting India's prime minister, who called Berlin "a very reliable partner".

Merkel, whose worldview contrasts with Trump's nationalism, made comments after the G-7 summit that were interpreted as casting doubt on the reliability of the a partner to Europe under Trump's leadership. "That's what I've experienced in the last few days".

Far from backing the agreed-upon Paris Agreement on climate change, Trump said instead that the USA needed more time to determine whether they were going to abandon it. "He has a lot respect for her".

Speaking at a news briefing on Tuesday after Trump intensified a dispute with Germany by calling Berlin's trade and spending policies "very bad", White House spokesman Sean Spicer looked to cool rising tensions. Recounting that Mr Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia had been "met with near universal praise" he said that the USA president had helped strengthen alliances.

Michelle Carter's Defense Ask Judge To Dismiss Case
She also received text messages from Carter offering support after her brother's death but no indication they had been in contact. Prosecutors said Carter pushed him over the edge and convinced him to commit suicide by badgering him with text and phone calls.

"The times when we could fully rely on others are to some extent over", Merkel said.

"What I said recently is due to the fact that, in the face of the present circumstances, we have additional reasons for us to realise that we have to take our fate into our hands in Europe". Mr Spicer said that the comment is just a reflection of Germany and others "heed [ing] the call" that Mr Trump put forth on burden sharing and more fair division of responsibility.

Trump, who won the White House with an anti-global message, has repeatedly bashed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union, which have formed the basis of U.S. -Europe cooperation for decades.

German politicians reacted with outrage to Trump's latest intervention.

US urges Saudi allies to ease Qatar blockade
Qatar has denied it backs terrorists and accuses the Saudis of seeking to dominate their smaller neighbors. The conflicting signals suggested Tillerson was playing "good cop" to Trump's tougher-talking "bad cop".

In some of his toughest criticism of the Trump administration to date, Germany's foreign minister sharply criticized U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday for pursuing national interests while ignoring Western values and putting peace at risk.

He also sharply criticised the media for perpetrating "fake news", citing as an example tweets sent by BBC and New York Times reporters during the G7 summit claiming that Mr Trump had disrespected the Italian prime minister.

"Others", in this case, seems to be a euphemism; Merkel was clearly talking about the United States. India would move forward on its climate agenda even if the USA exited the Paris agreement, he said, adding politicians have "absolutely no right" to put in jeopardy the environment for future generations.

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LeBron James and Kyrie Irving played their best games of these Finals, combining for 77 points, relentlessly attacking the rim. What's happened is probably beyond what either even imagined. "I really don't know what I did last night".

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