Published: Fri, June 09, 2017
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Next-Gen Apple Watch with Micro-LED Display to Launch By 2018

Next-Gen Apple Watch with Micro-LED Display to Launch By 2018

The Apple Watch's smaller display sizes should act as a test bed for how production should scale in the future. The report goes on to cite that Apple is now the "only company" in position for such a broad rollout of micro-LED technology - a next-generation OLED display tech that's now in its infancy.

Micro-LED panels are more power-efficient than the existing display technology.

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That might be the case, especially in 2018 when Apple is rumored to adopt micro-LED display technology for its wearable devices, which at the moment is pretty much only the Apple Watch in Apple's product lineup. Apple has been developing micro-LED technology since it picked up LuxVue Technology in 2014.

Micro-LED is a relatively new display technology that surpasses even OLED display tech in both performance, color reproduction, and features, according to TrendForce.

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The report that sights an executive with close knowledge of display technology notes that Apple is likely the only company now able to rollout microLED technology, though it still comes with a very low yield rate and high-cost process.

If this is to be believed, Apple would be the first in the lot to offer microLED in a wearable device or any such gadgets. It states that Apple is prepping hard to adopt this technology as early as the next year. Currently, Apple is on a track for its iPhone 8 that would be manufactured with Samsung's OLED displays.

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OLED displays are created to be more advanced compared to an IPS LCD panel in every aspect possible.

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