Published: Thu, June 08, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Qatari ambassador: 'Stories about Qatar financing terrorism are

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have revoked the licences of Qatar Airways and ordered its offices to close.

Saudi Arabia and allies including the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt on Monday cut diplomatic ties with fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member Qatar over claims that Doha supports extremism.

Qatar, which vehemently denies the allegations, drew some apparent support from Turkey yesterday.

News of the cyber attack appeared to confirm USA intelligence concerns that Russian Federation sought to hack US allies like Qatar, where the USA has one of its largest military bases in the region, in an effort to rupture foreign relations.

"Any de-escalation to the crisis is likely to require a leadership change in Qatar", Control Risks, a consulting firm, wrote in an assessment of the crisis.

"The Embassy of India is monitoring the situation closely and is in touch with Qatari authorities to ensure the safety and security of Indian nationals in Qatar", it said.

Labour win will not cause pound to plunge
US Dollar traders are also increasingly anxious about this week's upcoming Congress testimony from ex-FBI director James Comey. This is despite an increasing number of polls published this week showing the Labour party gaining on the Conservative party.

Article 29 of the cybercrime law criminalises any online publication of information "with intent to make sarcasm or damage the reputation, prestige or stature of the state or. any of its symbols".

The comments reportedly contributed to the decision by some Gulf countries to cut ties with Qatar earlier this week, accusing the oil-rich country of sponsoring violent extremism and causing regional instability.

Reuters reported that Iran immediately blamed Donald Trump, who visited the Saudi capital, Riyadh, last month.

Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Than told CNN, "the entire crisis is being based on misinformation".

Labour secretary Silvestre Bello said the ban took effect on Tuesday, but there is no plan yet to repatriate the more than 200,000 Filipino workers in Qatar.

While Doha has sometimes been accused of tacitly supporting extremist groups in the Middle East, similar charges have been made against Saudi Arabia, making this a politically charged move.

Hezbollah threatens to strike US in Syria over 'red lines'
Syrian government forces have also reportedly made territorial gains further south, in and around the desert town of Deir ez-Zor. The U.S. and coalition forces use the At Tanf facility to train local partner forces to combat ISIS in southeastern Syria.

The highest number of Qatari flights are bound to North Africa and Southern Europe via an air route over Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the official was quoted as saying by the Mehr News Agency, adding that from now on, the Qatari flights will have to cross over Iran, Iraq and Jordan for travelling to North Africa.

Newspapers and television channels in the region have also been engaged in a war of words over Qatar's role.

President Donald Trump wants to "de-escalate" the crisis and is committed to holding talks with all parties, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters Monday.

He tweets: "Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!"

"The investigation team confirmed that the hack was carried out using innovative technological methods by exploiting an electronic gap on the website of the Qatar News Agency", the report said.

Australia's most famous rock, Uluru, is now on Google Street View
But the results are fantastic - now you can pop online and look around the rock, while hearing stories from traditional owners. The hope for the street-view Uluru is to preserve the Anangu people's culture and stories for the next generation.

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