Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
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Georgia woman arrested for allegedly leaking top secret document involving Russian hacking

Georgia woman arrested for allegedly leaking top secret document involving Russian hacking

Most significantly, as CNN reported at the time, and The Intercept also reports Monday based on the this document, that there is still no evidence any votes were affected by Russian hacking.

The NSA analysis does not draw conclusions about whether the interference had any effect on the election's outcome and concedes that much remains unknown about the extent of the hackers' accomplishments. But that doesn't mean the Russians weren't rooting around in the electronic innards of our voting system.

The Intercept says the NSA document details the Russian "spear-fishing" attack targeting local government employees with emails that appeared to be from e-voting vendors but were created to allow hackers to infect and gain control of computers.

The Intercept did not say how it acquired the document, but shortly after its report appeared online, the Justice Department said it had arrested Reality Leigh Winner, 25, an employee of a national security contractor, for the leak of a top-secret document dated "on or about May 5". A few days later, the government says, victor unlawfully transmitted by mail the intelligence reporting to an online news outlet. The Intercept, which published its story Monday, apparently provided authorities with a copy of a top-secret NSA document discussing details of alleged Russian interference in USA elections.

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The two men have history. "We are not going to let Donald Trump divide our communities", Khan said to the BBC . Khan said he had been too busy dealing with the fallout from the attack to respond directly to the tweet.

Putin conceded, however, that there may have been hacking by Russians unconnected with the government. US intelligence officials have repeatedly told Congress that alleged Russian meddling in the election did not affect the outcome of the presidential vote.

In late October, the group established an "operational" Gmail account and posed as an employee from VR Systems - using previously obtained documents to launch another spear-phishing attack "targeting United States local government organizations", the report says.

Confronted by investigators over the weekend, authorities said Ms. Winner admitted to printing the document and providing it to a news outlet.

NBC News is reporting that the document victor is alleged to have leaked was published by The Intercept on Monday.

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"My client has no (criminal) history, so it's not as if she has a pattern of having done anything like this before", Nichols told the Associated Press in a phone interview Monday.

According to the DOJ, Winner began working as a contractor at Pluribus International Corporation on February 13. "She is a very good person". [They] determined that six individuals printed this reporting.

The FBI says when they approached victor, she admitted to printing out the document, removing it from her place of work on May 9, and then mailing it to the online news outlet a few days later.

According to an affidavit from an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent, investigators began looking into the identity of the leaker after the Intercept provided them with a copy of the document to verify its authenticity.

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Asked if victor had confessed, Nichols said, "If there is a confession, the government has not shown it to me".

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