Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
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Would the House really need to vote again on health care?

Would the House really need to vote again on health care?

Early this month the Legislature went into session for two days without being presented a budget bill.

The House also approved a measure to establish protocol for state employee furloughs in the event that a budget isn't produced by the start of the fiscal year, which annually begins on July 1.

"I am on the whip team and we have a lot of conversations, but we have not had that one".

The timing issues are real. As the Bloomberg piece observes, "Republicans had a sizable deficit reduction cushion - $150 billion - before several amendments were added to the bill at the last minute, including changes allowing states to legalize much skimpier health insurance plans".

One potential compromise for Senate Republicans would be to push the timetable for phasing out Medicaid expansion funding, which would help appease Portman and other senators in expansion states.

The governor vetoed a similar bill in February. The second time, it passed in the House on a squeaker vote.

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But Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer says that's what happens when the House votes on a bill "before they knew what was in it". Now, they may have to vote on it again. No", Johnson said. "The goal posts do move. "I'm discouraged that the Senate version of the bill is worse than the status quo and appears to only work for oil companies", she said.

A total rollback of the tax cuts would raise an estimated $1.4 billion over two years. The most recent CBO score, he said, showed that the bill was "perfectly in compliance with the Senate budget rules", and the Upton amendment would not "dramatically alter that score".

By afternoon the pace slowed considerably. It's a big enough deal that leaders are holding onto the bill until they see the CBO score. If the Senate parliamentarian decides that a certain provision isn't budget-related and thus violates the "Byrd Rule", for example, the usual outcome is just that the Senate strikes it from the bill.

"The support was not there", House Finance Chair Eric Nelson said of the removal of changes to the personal income tax in the bill.

"Health care discussions are open to the entire caucus - everyone has an opportunity to be at the table as members work to get a consensus to rescue Americans from a health care law that is now in collapse, " a Senate Republican aide said in an interview.

Denning said he thinks a new revenue stream specifically earmarked for education is needed because the state general fund "cannot handle the stress of K-12 funding". Residential customers would pay $2.25 per month on each bill and commercial customers $10 a month. "We have got to get a budget out".

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"We were definitely consulted on specific ideas and input", said Alex Hendrie, director of tax policy at the conservative Americans for Tax Reform.

"We have in no way resolved what we want to spend on schools and my fear, just to speak rather bluntly, is that somebody's trying to basically get rid of exit paths", said Sen.

Sen. Barbara Bollier, a moderate Republican from Mission Hills, said the proposed utility fee is likely to meet stiff resistance, but she would not rule out the possibility of supporting it, if no other options are available.

"The whole situation remains very fluid right now", he said before 4 p.m.

The health-care world is gearing up for a lobbying offensive to persuade Republican senators to address their problems with an Obamacare replacement that was conceived in the House in a virtual vacuum. That bill would also broaden the sales tax and raise it to 6.95 percent, increase the net corporate income tax from 6.5 to 7.5 percent and establish graduated severance taxes for coal, with cuts for operators mining thin seams. Senators heard testimony from collection agency operators saying the measure would harm their businesses in competition with out-of-state firms.

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