Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
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Trump tweet suggests his conversations with Comey might have been recorded

Trump tweet suggests his conversations with Comey might have been recorded

Vice President Mike Pence also said Trump acted based their recommendations. "A lot of times, he says things to deceive, distract or disrupt". They have argued that the White House's explanation - that Comey was terminated due to his handling over the Clinton investigation - meant Trump could have fired him months ago.

Some Democrats have argued that Trump's firing of Comey was linked to the FBI's expansion of the Russian probe.

But the suggestion that Trump might have "tapes" of his conversations with Comey - especially in light of the president's own claims that President Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped - touched off a firestorm of controversy.

The CNN host tried to get Swalwell on record as to whether there exist grounds for impeachment.

"I think we ought to get to the bottom line here: President Trump is unsafe".

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Noted legal scholar Laurence Tribe told AFP that if Comey did indeed answer Trump's question, it would violate Department of Justice rules and "would be unthinkably unethical and unprofessional in this situation".

On Friday, NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian‏ tweeted that a source close to Comey told him that "He hopes there are tapes".

Trump made the remarks to reporters prior to speaking to about 50,000 people at Liberty University in Lynchburg, where he did not mention Comey or the controversy his dismissal on Tuesday caused. Also, his memo did not explicitly recommend that Trump fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief. Trump also revealed that he had the Russian Federation investigation in mind when he fired Comey.

But Spicer would not comment on the existence of other Comey tapes or whether recording devices are being used in the White House, as former President Nixon did.

November 13, 2016: In a CBS "60 Minutes" broadcast after the election, Trump says he hasn't decided whether to keep Comey.

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Trump said the candidates to replace Comey were "outstanding people" and "very well known".

Later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly refused to address whether recording devices had been placed in the White House. And he said he feared the world would no longer take Trump at his word.

Trump sent out two tweets Friday that suggested he would cancel White House press briefings and instead hand out written statements to communicate with the public. Rumored candidates, according to the Associated Press, citing two White House officials, include Texas U.S. Sen.

Trump made the tweet shortly after The New York Times, citing two anonymous sources, reported that Comey believed he was sacked partly because of his refusal to pledge his loyalty to the president.

In that hearing, Comey would have been likely to explain in even greater detail his account of the conversations he had with Trump in the weeks leading up to his termination.

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The interview on Fox comes after a week of intense scrutiny of Trump following his unexpected firing of Comey. Some senior officials have discussed nominating Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican who ran the House committee that investigated Secretary of State Clinton's actions in connection with the 2012 attack on a US compound in Benghazi, Libya.

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