Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Sport | By Wendy Sparks

C's Thomas reaches out to possible No. 1 Fultz

C's Thomas reaches out to possible No. 1 Fultz

"The Boston Celtics star point guard, who stands at a towering 5'9" (and that's being generous), was asked by Good Morning America's T.J. Holmes how his career would be different with an extra seven inches.

The Boston Celtics only landed the No. 1 selection in the National Basketball Association draft Tuesday, but Isaiah Thomas already has talked to one of the potential top picks.

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He also filed three complaints with the CBI against Kejriwal, Jain and AAP leaders who allegedly misused party funds on foreign trips.

It could be an interesting Summer if the Bulls and Celtics discuss trade possibilities.

"I still wonder if it makes sense for Philly to try to move up to one", Simmons said.

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Video footage of the clash on Tuesday showed men in suits charging past police to kick and punch protesters. There may be issues with diplomatic immunity, Police Chief Peter Newsham said at a news conference.

With Hayward not voted to the All-NBA team, he's not eligible for a designated-veteran-player extension from the Utah Jazz, which would've put him in line for a six-year, $224 super-max deal. So, if, I don't know, Philly goes to them and says we'll give you number three, and we'll also give you this, this, this and this to switch spots with us, this is a great draft, like I'm pretty sure the Celtics could talk themselves into Josh Jackson at number three.

The 2016 pick has turned into the No. 1 overall pick in 2017. For now plan on going hard at Hayward to play the small forward role and wait till next year to sign Isaiah. But if they can flip AB or Marcus out for a rebounder that could be a big help for this team with them likely moving on from Amir Johnson.

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The second round of Testpunch activity starts on June 2 (North America only, June 3 for everyone else) and ends on June 4 . Ranked matches will be available as well as an offline Grand Prix that resembles a single player campaign of 10 matches.

There is a lot that can change, and move, but the Boston Celtics have some talented young players and have the opportunity to add another top young talent. "I mean, whatever happens, happens".

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