Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

5 people hospitalized after eating gas station nacho cheese

5 people hospitalized after eating gas station nacho cheese

One woman has botulism from eating cheese at a gas station in California.

After purchasing a bag of Doritos, she drizzled them with nacho cheese sauce that was available for customers.

California health inspectors have linked an outbreak of a rare, potentially fatal form of food poisoning to cheese sauce at a small gas station in Sacramento County.

Botulism is an illness that can lead to paralysis, breathing difficulty and sometimes death. The 33-year-old mother of three has not been able to speak or breathe on her own since she was hospitalized, according to the news station. She says the illness caused her to lose her ability to keep her eyelids open. Kelly became sick with a few hours after eating the nacho cheese sauce she bought at the Walnut Grove convenience store on April 21.

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The next day Kelly was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and put on a ventilator, where she has been ever since.

Officials have stripped the gas station of its permit to sell food and drinks. "We just don't know how long or how much effort".

The state Department of Health reported that 10 people have been hospitalized after an outbreak of foodborne botulism originating from a gas station in Walnut Grove.

Inspection reports for the Valley Oaks Food and Fuel station show that on May 6 and 7, officers impounded bags of Montecito nacho cheese tortilla chips and closed the facility.

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'(The gas station) should have been more aware.

In 2015, 39 of 199 confirmed total cases of botulism were food-borne, according to the Centers for Disease Control's most recent National Botulism Surveillance Summary [PDF]. Employees have not responded to requests for comment.

Botulism is normally found in canned goods that are dented or damaged but detecting the deadly toxin early is key. Clark stated that "human mistakes" are behind the creation of a flawless environment for the formation of "botulinum toxin". 'We will use the lawsuit to learn more about the source of the food product that was contaminated.

"The source of the food product may be unrelated to the gas station", he added.

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Botulism can be contracted from home-canned foods like asparagus and beets, but has also been contracted from tomatoes, improperly handled baked potatoes, chopped garlic, and fermented or home-canned fish. That's an essential question'. I know they probably didn't make the cheese per se, but they handle that stuff in the store, ' Torres said.

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