Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
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Tory manifesto says UK willing to pay 'reasonable' post-Brexit EU settlement

Tory manifesto says UK willing to pay 'reasonable' post-Brexit EU settlement

Mrs May rejected suggestions that policies such as an energy price cap, a commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on worldwide aid and new rights for workers represented a move away from the Conservatism of Margaret Thatcher.

Questioned on whether she was a Thatcherite, she responded: "Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative, I am a Conservative, this is a Conservative manifesto".

Mrs May warned that if the upcoming Brexit talks failed to deliver a good deal, "the consequences for Britain and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be dire".

To help pay for social care, Theresa May also intends to scrap winter fuel payments for better-off pensioners by introducing means-testing to ensure only the poorest pensioners receive the payments.

However there is no mention of specific policies to support the deployment of renewable energy and solar PV is completely omitted, much like it was from David Cameron's last election manifesto in 2015.

"It is right that we want to bring net migration down to sustainable levels because of the impact uncontrolled migration has on people and public services..."

Two-hour marathon record eludes Kenyan by 26 seconds
It's a phenomenally hard pace to keep up, which is why Nike employed the use of 18 pace runners to help the three runners. A composite picture of Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge (left), Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa (centre) and Eritrea's Zersenay Tadese .

On social care, people with assets of more than £100,000 would have to pay for their care - but could defer payment until after their death.

Unveiling what she termed "my manifesto for Britain's future", Mrs May said it was: "A manifesto to see us through Brexit and beyond, a plan for a stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain, a plan to seize the opportunities ahead and to build a country that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home".

She also confirmed an end to the pension triple lock which guarantees a minimum annual rise in state pensions, to take on "inter-generational unfairness".

While she promised corporation tax will fall to 17% and VAT tax would stay "as low as possible", she said Chancellor Philip Hammond had the leeway to raise other taxes. There will be no increase in the level of Value-Added Tax.

Education: Ban on new selective schools will be lifted and schools budget will increase by £4bn by 2022.

Media: Second part of the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press will not take place.

Almodovar and Smith's comments on Netflix at Cannes
And now they get to find those artists and they get to look them up online and they make contact. "In my home it has done nothing but broaden my children's cinematic global comprehension".

The announcement about school meals came Thursday as the Conservatives announced their platform ahead of the June elections.

The Conservatives were given £4.1m during the first week of the campaign between May 3-9 while Labour received nearly £2.7m.

But Labour said it was an "all-out attack on pensioner incomes".

The figures, published by the Electoral Commission, have prompted fears that Labour's campaign has been "taken over" by union chiefs.

"The negotiations will undoubtedly be tough, and there will be give and take on both sides, but we continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal for the United Kingdom", according to the manifesto released in the northern town of Halifax.

CAPTION CORRECTS PHOTOGRAPHER'S BYLINE Britain's Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Theresa May speaks, during the Conservative Party manifesto launch in Halifax, England, Thursday May 18, 2017.

Jeremy Corbyn casts doubt over Labour pledge to renew Trident
I accept that military action, under worldwide law and as a genuine last resort, is in some circumstances necessary. Corbyn said he would take a different direction, calling the USA -led "war on terror" a failure.

Launching the party manifesto, she also reiterated a pledge to allow new grammar schools to be created, just days after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would block them and described the idea as a vanity project.

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