Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
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Patients asked to use services 'wisely — NHS cyber-attack

Darien Huss, a 28-year-old research engineer who assisted the anonymous British researcher who stopped the virus from spreading, said he was "still anxious for what's to come in the next few days because it really would not be so hard for the actors behind this to rerelease their code without a kill switch or with a better kill switch".

But the aftershocks have so far been mild.

The Windows software was installed on the submarines "to save money rather than meet the cost of a tailored system", says The Guardian, but nuclear subs "have been designed for nearly complete isolation when at sea", making them nearly impossible to hack.

Large swathes of the NHS were paralysed by the cyber attack, which hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries around the world. Security agencies in affected countries were racing to find out. He added that the USA government does not recommend paying the ransom and warned that making a payment to the hackers doesn't guarantee that access to computer files will be restored.

"Anyone forced to pay the ransom is guilty of dereliction of duty", Goldstuck said. The exploit was leaked last month as part of a trove of US spy tools.

There are some tools online you can use to decrypt and recover your information, but there's no guarantee you'll recover all of it.

The blame game has already started.

Brad Smith criticized U.S intelligence agencies, including the CIA and National Security Agency, for "stockpiling" software code that can be used by hackers.

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Who was behind the attack?

"An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the USA military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen", Smith wrote.

Worse, the malware was able to create so much chaos because it was designed to self-replicate like a virus, spreading quickly once inside university, business and government networks.

It is not known how the attack has affected GP surgeries, which are due to open as usual on Monday. That was "unheard of six months ago", Levy said.

The Echo revealed yesterday that Southend Hospital acted in the nick of time to stop the attack causing widespread chaos.

The countries most affected by WannaCry were Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and India.

"Then first thing people should be doing (before checking email) when they got to their office this morning is updating their operating system, the Windows operating system, because that is the only thing that is going to protect them against this".

Apple's Mac computers were not targeted by this ransomware attack.

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This type of ransomware also has a worm like feature which allows it to "ping" the internet once established so it can seek out other vulnerable systems.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand government communications security bureau said it had not received any reports of the malware infection.

For individuals, Goldstuck said: "You can not delay software updates to save data".

Bossert said less than $70,000 has been paid in response to the cyberattacks. The statement said antivirus systems are working to destroy it.

Unlike many other malicious programs, this one has the ability to move around a network by itself. He said the situation was under control.

Nationally operations and appointments were cancelled and ambulances diverted as up to 40 hospital trusts became infected by the software, with attackers demanding payment to regain access to vital medical records.

"There was no breach of patient data". "Which we will." she said.

"One of the most common methods of infecting computer systems is through links and attachments in emails".

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