Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Follow CERT-In instructions on WannaCry attack: RBI to banks

"Ransomware attack appears to be causing glitches at many ATMs that work on Random Access Memory (RAM)".

In the world of ransomware, that was "unheard of six months ago", Levy said.

Nissan Motor Co. confirmed Monday some units had been targeted, but there was no major impact on its business. There are no reports that the infiltration affected critical infrastructure networks, such as dams, nuclear power systems or transport systems, but there is little reason to believe that those systems enjoy special protection.

As many as 200,000 PCs were infected over a three-day period last week, Forbes reports, which were perpetrated using exploits by the NSA that were leaked by a group called Shadow Brokers.

Local media reported Monday that patients arriving at Dharmais Cancer Hospital over the weekend were unable to get queue numbers and had to wait several hours while staff worked with paper records.

Trump Says He Never Asked Comey to Close Flynn Probe
Stocks rebounded Thursday, with technology and bank shares resuming rallies as data reinforced optimism in the economy. Congressional committees in the House and the Senate are also conducting investigations.

Proofpoint and a British cybersecurity researcher teamed up Friday to derail the attack that was said to strike at least 100,000 organizations in 150 countries.

Deutsche Bahn: The German railway company told CNNMoney that due to the attack "passenger information displays in some stations were inoperative" as were "some ticket machines".

Hitachi spokeswoman Yuko Tainiuchi said it was experiencing e-mail delays and file delivery failures and suspected the cyberattack was at fault, even though no ransom was being demanded. The central bank reportedly said those monitoring the cyberattacks found "no incidents compromising data resources of banking institutions". Its movie ticket systems were unaffected.

NHS Digital said health trusts across England were sent details of an IT security patch that would have protected them from the attack.

Interior Ministry: The Russian Interior Ministry acknowledged a ransomware attack on its computers, adding that less than 1% of computers were affected.

Tory manifesto says UK willing to pay 'reasonable' post-Brexit EU settlement
The Conservatives were given £4.1m during the first week of the campaign between May 3-9 while Labour received nearly £2.7m. Media: Second part of the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press will not take place.

Smith argued that the agency should have shared any vulnerability it discovered to the affected companies so that they can be patched.

Microsoft did not confirm to AFP when it made the patch free.

A computer screen shows an error message after Britain's National Health Service was hacked. "Which we will", she said. The NHS has said hospitals have had to cancel some outpatient appointments because of the attack.

They proposed a plan to improve cyber security that included a replacement of outdated systems "as a matter of urgency", calling its continued use "one of the most pressing issues facing IT infrastructure" in the NHS.

Will Trump report affect intelligence alliances?
House Speaker Paul Ryan, also Republican, did not heed to calls to defend the president and demanded more information to do so. The Royal Court in Jordan said that King Abdullah II was to speak by telephone with Trump later Tuesday.

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