Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Chris Cornell Is Mourned In Hometown Of Seattle

Cornell foregrounded the contrast in Hunger Strike, a 1991 duet with Eddie Vedder in the grunge supergroup Temple of the Dog. That voice was somehow richer, better and more risky than most other rock singers.

Cornell was found at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel by a family friend who had been asked by the rock star's wife to check on him. His charisma and shyness were always on display.

"I was asleep and my phone was jumping and one of our mutual friends - they were crying and bawling - and said "Nile you won't believe this" and he said "Chris is dead", I said 'Chris who?'" At times when I wanted to scream, he screamed for me. He didn't want to make a spectacle, but instead just wanted to be real.

The 90s was such a fun time for music.

"It's a sad day you never thought would come", said a DJ at 94.5 The Buzz.

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"Detroit finally back to Rock City!" he tweeted. I truly hope she doesn't beat herself up about it if that's the case. To me, he was THE guy. He was my favorite singer, the best of all the bunches.

Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden perform on stage at Shepherds Bush Empire, Nov. 9, 2012, in London.

Cornell was one of the biggest voices to come out of the Seattle-grunge scene in the '90s with Soundgarden.

In 1990, Cornell's roommate and musical brother, Andrew Wood, died.

At 52 years old, Audioslave's singer Chris Cornell has died.

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After the success of 1994's Vitalogy, the death of Kurt Cobain and Cornell's Rolling Stone interview, after four great years in the spotlight, of music videos, Grammy awards and magazine covers, Pearl Jam chose to dedicate the rest of their career to their hardcore fans.

Soundgarden disbanded in 1997 due to tensions in the band, and Cornell pursued a solo career. He went on to form Audioslave in 2001 with Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk. That was the period when Cornell went through recovery and had the songs to go with it.

Soundgarden, which disbanded in 1997 but reformed in 2010, has sold more than 10 million albums in the United States alone, and won two Grammy awards, with nine nominations. They reformed and released King Animal in 2010. He started receiving messages from a number of friends talking about Chris Cornell. He had evolved and grown. His charisma was nearly tangible, even when hidden behind his long locks of hair hiding his face.

Darkly handsome and seemingly tortured, Cornell was dug by women.

"It was a pretty dark album, lyrically, and pretty depressing, and I was going through a really hard time in my life - my band wasn't together anymore, my marriage was falling apart and I was dealing with it by drinking way too much, and that has its own problems, particularly with depression", he told Rolling Stone in 2015. So much of the time he gave me words and so much of the time, he gave me the attitude and delivery, too. David Arnold, You Know My Name placed Cornell in a new context, where the theatrical bombast and throaty rumble of his singing made for a surprisingly good fit. There are many artists within this rigid and relatable genre that we have to thank for the wonders it has brought on and the confidence it has ignited. Now we are left with only questions. I guess we have to trust that he truly saw no alternative. It's so devastating that only his songs can speak what it feels like.

Alice Cooper calls Chris Cornell 'the best voice in rock and roll'
Cornell played a seminal role in the origins of grunge music, founding Soundgarden in 1984 with Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto. Cornell's death stunned his family and his die-hard fans, who Cornell just performed for hours earlier at a show in Detroit.

Who knows what will happen? His voice knew the mountain tops and the dark caverns of my own soul - it's like his voice was the voice of my soul. "I traveled across the country to see him", said Montague.

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