Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
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Voices of Iranians ahead of presidential election

Voices of Iranians ahead of presidential election

Iranians head to the polls on Friday in a presidential election that could have implications for the nuclear deal with the USA, as well as for the current sanctions relief that allows the country to sell oil internationally, according to analysts at RBC Capital Markets.

Supporters of Iranian President and candidate elections Hassan Rouhani distribute brochures ahead of the Iranian presidential election in the streets of the capital Tehran on May 17, 2017. He will meet with Sunni Arab leaders who are opposed to Iran's backing of Syrian President Bashar Assad and remain skeptical of its regional intentions.

Raisi has accused Rouhani of being corrupt and of mismanaging the economy.

Trump also announced late Wednesday that the US didn't intend to limit Iran's ability to sell oil. If he wins, the backlash from more conservative forces may be swift. Years of sanctions had kept Iran from the world's global banks, as inflation skyrocketed to 40 percent, according to Time.

Raisi is notorious for his involvement in the 1988 mass executions of political prisoners in Iran, and numerous country's young population were re-acquainted with the cleric's almost three-decade-old conduct previous year. He asked his supporters to vote for the 56-year-old principlist candidate.

During the campaigns, Rouhani tapped into Raisi's dark past by stating that in the upcoming election, "people will once again show that they won't tolerate those who only knew execution and imprisonment for the past 38 years".

Crucially, the deal led to a thaw in relations between Iran and the worldwide community, and it also led to a revival in Iran's oil industry. "Whoever threatens the country's national security values will be slapped", said Khamenei.

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"Mr Raisi, you can slander me as much you wish".

"Raisi has a good chance to win".

As Iran's election season draws to its conclusion, Trump is gearing up to visit the region.

Rouhani promised to have the remaining sanctions against Iran lifted - a long shot because many stem from Iranian security forces' ballistic missile program and support for militant groups.

"A sanctions snap-back could not only deter foreign investment in the Iranian energy sector but could also curtail the country's ability to sell its barrels overseas", they added.

Jahangiri's participation up to this point was only made possible by his passing the Guardian Council vetting process - something that identifies him as an establishment politician who has never presented a serious challenge to the hardline principles of the Islamic Republic. Other Iranian politicians spoke out as well. "Incomes have fallen except for Tehran, so people don't feel better off and are susceptible to promises of cash". "They have not resolved a single problem of any country".

Raisi is a mid-ranking figure in the hierarchy of Iran's Shi'ite Muslim clergy but has been a senior official for decades in the judiciary which enforces clerical control of the country. Let's focus for a moment on Raisi, the conservative candidate.

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It remains unclear whether Mr. Trump's visit will open the door to increased US involvement in the Saudi-backed war against Iranian-supported Houthi separatists in Yemen.

It is important to note that ultimately Iran's policy toward Syria is in the hands of Khamenei.

"I have honored all the promises I campaigned on four years ago", Rouhani said.

Rouhani says a hardline victory could put Iran on a more confrontational course with the West, and would prevent the opening of society that a majority of Iranians, especially the youth, yearn to see. The presidency is still a powerful post, with considerable influence over domestic policy, the state bureaucracy and foreign affairs.

"He said: "[We] paid a heavy price for the nuclear accord and did not regard Iran's infractions and misuses as a sign of things to come. Their optimistic attitude toward Rouhani and his foreign minister stemmed from their desperate yearning to belong to the worldwide community and to break away from the decades-old militarized image of Iran.

More than 56 million Iranians are eligible to vote including 2.5 million people living overseas.

Rouhani, who has ties to Khamenei, is not a real reformist.

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