Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

IMA study reveals high incidence of hypertension among doctors

IMA study reveals high incidence of hypertension among doctors

"We hope that by encouraging everyone to #checkyourpressure this month we can increase awareness of the risks associated with high blood pressure, and help people to start managing their condition more effectively", he commented. These are commonly known as high blood pressure. Doctor Krisela Steyn, board member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa said, "The unfortunate effect of this statistic is that many strokes and heart attacks could be prevented if the undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertensive patients were identified and provided with the necessary blood pressure lowering medication". Close to 20,000 ABPM readings were procured from around 500 doctors to conclude that about 20% of the doctors had high blood pressure which actually didn't appear when measured through the conventional blood pressure monitoring devices.

"The incidence of hypertension is equally high among the medical fraternity, owing to high-stress levels", Dr Shah pointed out.

The study also revealed that 21 per cent of the doctors surveyed had masked hypertension or isolated ambulatory hypertension.

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Evaluating both daytime and nighttime blood pressure is crucial for predicting all cardiovascular events. According to research, globally, about 1.8 billion people are suffering from hypertension; the most staggering statistics is that 50% of them are unaware of their condition and some of them who are aware of their condition do not take any medical action towards treatment.

NAN reports that the World Hypertension Day was initiated by the World Hypertension League to increase the awareness about hypertension because of the lack of appropriate knowledge among hypertensive patients. Read here World Hypertension Day: Diagnosed with borderline hypertension?

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart, stroke, kidney and blood vessel diseases, and affects Canadians of all ages.

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The European Commission , which acts as the EU's competition watchdog, said it was a " proportionate and deterrent fine". The Commission could have fined Facebook up to 1% of its turnover - which would have been $276m based on 2016 results.

Every year 10 million people around the world die needlessly because of high blood pressure, making it the planet's single biggest killer, says the International Society of Hypertension. It does not cause any inconvenience, as it is small enough for you to carry on with your routine.

Some people with hypertension may exhibit symptoms such as headaches, nosebleeds or shortness of breath.

In support of Hypertension Canada's "What's Your Number?" campaign in May, Pharmasave locations across Canada will provide patient education and opportunities for blood pressure screening in their communities. Also, prevention can be achieved on different levels by eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, engage in moderate physical activity, limit alcohol consumption, limit smoking, and consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Try to reduce your sodium intake, which does not necessarily come only from table salt or salt added while cooking.

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