Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
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Obama Thanks Kimmel: 'Exactly Why We Fought' for ACA

Obama Thanks Kimmel: 'Exactly Why We Fought' for ACA

Walsh was referencing Kimmel's opening monologue on Monday night in which he made a case for former US president Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

William Kimmel was born on April 21, 2017, and after several hours meeting his new family and resting with his mother, a nurse noticed that he had a heart murmur - and that he was starting to turn purple.

During Kimmel's emotional monologue, the host opened up about his son's battle with a heart defect.

Mormons pull older teens out of Boy Scouts
Additionally, the LDS Church said it will continue to be involved in Friends of Scouting for the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs. These properties are either owned by the Scout councils (not the BSA itself) or are leased properties from the Forest Service.

After thanking by name the nurses, doctors and staff at the two hospitals, along with his colleagues and friends - "Even that (expletive) Matt Damon sent flowers", Kimmel said of his faux rival - the comedian then gave an impassioned speech on health care.

"We've got a health care system that's not doing what it's supposed to".

Kimmel's words were especially opportune because now Republicans are pushing Congress to allow states to waive coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. "I hope you never have to go there, but if you do, you'll see so many kids from so many financial backgrounds being cared for so well and with so much compassion". Spicer told reporters that Trump wants the same thing Kimmel wants, saying (in an unusual phrasing that Obama might approve): "I think that's what the President is fighting for right now. I mean, we do", he continued to cheers from the audience.

Macron's party to get largest share of vote in parliamentary election
The votes will take place in two rounds on June 8 and 11 to elect members to the National Assembly, Parliament's lower house. I'm clicking and clicking on your site but it's not working", Valls was reported to have said by Europe 1 radio.

Kimmel ended his monologue with a message to President Trump, who proposed a plan that would cut funding to the National Institute of Health by $6 billion.

Spicer said that he agreed with a point Kimmel made about having policies that aren't partisan, but are instead "American policies" that help everyone. Jimmy said that Billy underwent one of likely three open-heart surgeries a few days after his birth, and that he had to be hooked up to numerous IVs after the procedure.

"My wife and I assumed it would be nothing", Kimmel said. "It's the United States", he said, spoken with perhaps the clarity of someone who understands that while the details of certain bills may be up for debate, these laws affect real, human lives.

Trump, Putin to meet in July, Russians announce
Trump said he and Kissinger had met to talk "about Russian Federation and various other matters", according to the pool report. By chance, he arrived as the White House is coming under political fire for Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James B.

Joe is now a radio host, and he was referencing Kimmel's opening monolog in which he addressed the difficulty of the birth of his son and how grateful he was for the Obama administration passing the Affordable Care Act.

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