Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Kushner Firm Apologizes for Reference to White House Ties

Kushner Firm Apologizes for Reference to White House Ties

Further, as Lipton later pointed out on Twitter, a letter sent in late April from "three senior Democratic senators" to White House Counsel Don McGahn specifically sought information on how Trump and Kushner "have personally benefited and may continue to benefit from EB-5 investments".

While Trump's senior adviser recused himself from being involved with the EB-5 program in January, well before his sister's China visit, it may also have something to do with another project he was working on throughout the campaign, which involved the same program he's hurrying to distance himself from.

Kushner Companies' marketing push comes as Mr. Kushner is emerging as a crucial voice on China relations, brokering meetings between his father-in-law and top Chinese government officials.

Kushner Meyer told the audience the development she was touting "means a lot to me and my entire family".

Korea, says new South leader
Moon also told Xi that he will soon send a special delegation to Beijing to discuss the issues of THAAD and North Korea. He has said he would be prepared to go to Pyongyang "if the conditions are right".

For years, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been battling to get rid of the rotten EB-5 visa program that allows rich foreigners to use their wealth to jump to the head of the line toward citizenship.

In this case, the project which Nicole Meyer was collecting half million dollar commitments for is called Kushner 1 or K One Journal Square LLC, and was marketed deceptively to imply that the companies association with her brother Jared, and father-in-law President Trump, would ensure this investment would not fall through. In the meantime, it has been reauthorized in the omnibus appropriations bill that Trump just signed - although, in fairness, he affixed his signature not to save the visa program but to keep the government open. "There's been relatively weak oversight of regional centers [the intermediaries between developers and investors] and their obligation to oversee underlying projects".

Michael Gibson, managing director of USAdvisors, a registered investment advisory firm that does EB-5 due diligence work, said the Kushners' sugar-coating of their project is emblematic of a general lack of transparency in the program. "All of the funding is done through Chinese agents, so they are the investor's primary point of contact".

In New York, a number of projects with red flags have tried to attract EB-5 funds. The answer becomes clear.

Despite fake racist note, some Olaf students see positive
Despite this fact, those concerns are real and, as I said earlier, we are committed to the process we have begun to address them. Anderson wrote. "We're confident that there is no ongoing threat from this incident to individuals or the community as a whole".

The first thing to be said about the weekend's visa-peddling conference by the Kushner Companies in China is: The administration should take it as an opportunity for a forthright policy stance.

"To the extent that the financial projections in the business plan were based on the existence of an anchor tenant, it would be important to update them that the anchor tenant backed out", Turner said. "To the extent something is disclosed that later changes, there's a duty to update it". NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith reports.

"Jared Kushner can not have it both ways", said the organization's president Fred Wertheimer. "Any implication that Trump could exert influence on a typical EB-5 deal is not true".

She said EB-5 is "frequently exploited by real estate developers to finance projects in the wealthiest parts of this country".

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Alien: Covenant is released in the United Kingdom on May 12, that's a whole week before USA fans get to see it. As a science fiction fan, I've always shuddered at the thought of an alien bursting out of my chest.

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