Published: Thu, May 11, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Bennett on Comey Firing: Democrats Acting Like 'The Sky Is Falling'

The White House also did not appear to be prepared for the firestorm.

In the Russian city of Sochi, Putin said Comey's firing would not have an impact on U.S.

A day after he was sacked by United States President Donald Trump over not being "able to effectively lead the bureau", former FBI director James Comey sent out a letter to his friends and other agents.

He continued, "At this hour, one of two things is already and irretrievably underway: either the end of Trump, or the end of American democracy, because both can not continue, because simply - you can not fire the man who is investigating you".

The White House would not say whether Trump knew.

It was unclear whether word of the Comey request, put to deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, ever made its way to Trump.

Both Maine Senators expressed confidence that the Senate's investigation will move forward. Burr said the firing made his committee's investigation "a little more hard but it didn't make it impossible so we'll continue". Republican leaders brushed off the idea as unnecessary.

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"There are several individuals being considered, and the first step will be selecting the interim director.As of today the department of justice is handling the first step", said deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who replaced press secretary Sean Spicer at the White House press briefing.

Hurd, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, called the timing "troubling, especially since the Justice Department Inspector General was conducting an independent investigation into Comey's handling of the Clinton email case". Some of Trump's fellow Republicans called his dismissal of Comey troubling. Trump has ridiculed the investigations as "a hoax" and denied any campaign involvement with the Russians.

Clinton has partially blamed her loss on Comey's disclosure to Congress less than two weeks before Election Day that the email investigation would be revisited.

"In my dealings with Director Comey I found him to be direct and honorable".

Yates, of course, was also fired-though the reason given was her refusal to defend the president's travel ban-as were all the nation's U.S. Attorneys, although presidents often replace district attorneys when assuming power.

Outraged Democrats called for an independent investigation into the Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia's election interference, and a handful of prominent Republican senators left open that possibility.

According to this former adviser, Comey's Senate testimony on the Clinton emails likely reinforced in Trump's mind that "Comey was against him". He or she could also decide not to fully cooperate with the congressional investigations, which rely on information from the FBI.

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While the Senate Intelligence Committee has invited Mr Comey to testify in a closed session next Tuesday, it is not clear if he will participate.

In his written announcement of the firing, Trump made a point of stating that the FBI director had informed him "on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation".

"You are hereby terminated and removed from the office, effective immediately", Trump said in a letter to Comey, who was four years into his 10-year term as Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

The Department of Justice was told to come up with justification to fire FBI Director James Comey , The New York Times and CNN reported Tuesday.

Timothy Flanigan, a former assistant attorney general in the George W. Bush administration, said, "It does seem to me, however, that, if investigations are underway, they will likely continue". A lot of the stated reasoning for why they wanted to fire Jim Comey just doesn't totally line up.

The White House declined to produce evidence of the three separate occasions the president referenced.

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