Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
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Windows 10 Mobile Creators update launched

Windows 10 Mobile Creators update launched

Microsoft has started the official rollout of its Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update today, but as of now, only 13 models are eligible for the update following a controversial decision announced earlier this month. In a recent blog post, Microsoft detailed how it's planning to deliver the Windows 10 Creators Update to hundreds of millions of devices over time. The unfortunate thing for the users of windows phones is that more than 40% of them will not have the latest update and just manage with what they are now using forever.

Less than two-thirds of mobile handsets running Windows 10 Mobile will receive the Creators Update. This enables the organization to ensure that these new non-security fixes work well, prior to those same fixes being included in the next "Update Tuesday" cumulative update which will be deployed throughout the organization.

For those doing a fresh install of Windows, the move is undeniably handy: it's far quicker for Windows Update to install and apply a single update containing every patch and change yet released than a whole bunch of individual updates. Security Updates are more serious than non-security updates, and those cumulative updates are always rebooting experiences, which is also disruptive. Instead of producing individual hotfixes for each security flaw and infrequent updates to address non-security issues, Windows 10 has two monthly packages.

It is no longer a secret that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is actively looking to port its Windows 10 OS, powering ARM-based devices.

For example, with the latest Insider Preview Build rolled out to Windows 10 Mobile users Monday, Microsoft has updated its privacy page and upgrade controls to prevent a problem that some users had seen with devices crashing or rebooting after updates. Under the Update settings heading choose Advanced options, then look for the heading Choose when updates are installed.

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One of the exploits dated back to Windows Vista, but was addressed before Vista was even released. In Microsoft's blog post , the companies not only clarified the security exploits were patched.

The Windows Server Update Services and Configuration Manager tools will display the patches as "updates" and not "critical updates".

Windows 10 can now use your phone to determine the time you were away from your PC and to lock it down.

First, it shows that Microsoft is listening and willing to bring the best possible options to customers so updates are easier to manage in their networks.

News of the update rolling out came from a tweet sent by Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft.

Improved sound set with higher quality and shared sounds across desktop and mobile devices using Windows 10 Creators Update.

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