Published: Tue, April 25, 2017
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Bill O'Reilly to Return With Podcast on Monday

Bill O'Reilly to Return With Podcast on Monday

Disgraced ex-Fox superstar Bill O'Reilly has a new seven-figure job offer - anchoring an online show live from seven legal brothels in Nevada.

For two decades, O'Reilly and his show "The O'Reilly Factor" had been the linchpin of Fox News' success as the most visible and most watched host. The report even claimed that O'Reilly's employer, 21st Century Fox, shelled out an estimated amount of $13 million just to silence those women who accused the news personality of verbal and sexual abuse in the past.

"I think I can safely say that anyone in the entire world that's shelling out $4.95 a month to actually listen to Bill O'Reilly probably doesn't have much of a place in my circle of friends, let alone on this entire planet".

Microsoft Says Users Are Protected From Alleged NSA Malware
One of the exploits dated back to Windows Vista, but was addressed before Vista was even released. In Microsoft's blog post , the companies not only clarified the security exploits were patched.

In his statement, O'Reilly remains defiant, insisting his exit from Fox News was "tremendously disheartening", while also slamming the "completely unfounded claims" that led Fox to end its association with him. On the day of his return, while he was on the plane, Fox News announced that he would no longer be with the network and the Tucker Carlson would take over the time slot. Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes stepped down from the company following accusations of sexual harassment from several women, including journalist Megyn Kelly, who hosted "The Kelly File".

Profitable as he is, it is not really surprising why the network paid him $20 million/year as his most recent talent fee.

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